Asbestos Claim Form
Because you might contract asbestosis due to your profession, if you can prove that your employer was at fault when you were working with asbestos then you may have a good case for an asbestosis compensation claim.
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How much compensation will you get?
As each case is unique the amount of compensation varies between each case but roughly you can expect £34,300 to £75,600 for the illness of asbestosis
What is Asbestosis?
Asbestosis is a disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles, which then cause aggravation and inflammation to the lung. The immune system tries to work against the fibres but cannot digest them this leads to the body's immune cells forming a mass in the lungs, leading to reduced air transfer from the lungs to the blood and subsequently reducing lung capacity.In time this can lead to a heart attack or can become cancerous.