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A Guide to Selecting Your Slip, Trip & Fall Solicitor

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The Ultimate Guide to Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that around 111,000 injuries associated with slips, trips and falls are reported in Britain each year. Many of these accidents are preventable with proper care and safety provisions. Unfortunately, they do happen, with slips, trips and falls leading to members of the public sustaining pain, injury or loss.

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Here at Hampson Hughes, we have a team of highly trained and diligent accident injury solicitors, known for assisting many clients who have suffered injuries after falling, tripping or slipping in different public places. You have a right to be compensated for any injury experienced after a slip, trip or fall, provided:

  • the cause of the accident can be attributed to the negligent action or inaction of another party;
  • you can show that the negligent actions/or inactions of another party caused your injuries and losses.

Employers, event managers, site planners and a whole range of other parties should employ all the necessary safety measures to guarantee safety to all of their visitors. If the owner or the occupier fails to address possible hazards adequately, visitors are unreasonably exposed to higher levels of safety risk, leading to a possible accident injury claim.

Some of the most common compensation areas for a Slip, Trip and Fall claim include:

Claim AreaType of InjuryExpected Compensation
ParalysisQuadriplegia£284,610 to £354,260
Paraplegia£192,090 to £249,270
Neck InjuriesSevere neck injuries - incomplete paraplegia,
serious fractures, tissue damage, chronic pain
£39,870 to around £130,060
Back InjuriesSevere back injury - incomplete paralysis,
nerve damage, loss of sensation, mobility issues
£34,000 to £141,150
Shoulder InjuriesSevere shoulder injury - damage to the
brachial plexus with significant disability
£16,830 to £42,110
Neck InjuriesSevere arm injury - no amputation, but little
better off than if arm was lost
£84,310 to £114,810
Limb injuriesSevere wrist injury - complete
loss of function in wrist
£41,760 to £52,490
Simple fracture of tibia or fibula or
simple soft tissue injury to leg
Up to £10,380
Serious knee injuries - leg fracture extending
to knee joint, limiting movement
£45,700 to £61,140
Modest ankle injuries - standards fractures,
sprains and ligament injuries
Up to £12,050
Modest foot injuries - simple fractures,
ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds
Up to £12,050

More information on finding your ideal Slip, Trip and Fall Solicitor is available in the drop-down boxes further down the page.

If you are not sure whether you have a strong accident injury claim or not, our solicitors are ready to help. Once you contact us, our accident injury solicitors will be able to offer a free consultation, where we can assess where blame may lie for the injuries you have suffered. We have assisted many clients in Liverpool, London, Birmingham and across England and Wales to successfully claim compensation for a slip, trip or fall. No individual should suffer significant injury because of the inaction or negligence of another person. If you have suffered injuries due to trip, slip or fall, contact us.

  • What are the criteria for making a Slip, Trip and Fall claim?

    The three criteria highlighted below must be properly met for a person to make an accident injury compensation claim:

    • The accident must have happened within the last 3 years in the UK
    • The injury must be a direct outcome of negligence committed by another party. Hampson Hughes will look to ensure that you receive fair compensation from the insurance policy of the defendant where possible.

    As one of the leading accident injury solicitors in the UK, with a track record for helping clients around England and Wales to obtain maximum compensation for their slip, trip and fall claims, we have a wealth of experience. Even if you are not sure of whether you have a strong claim, our legal experts will be able to offer a free consultation with you to discuss your possible accident injury claim, providing expert guidance to maximise the chance of a successful claim.

  • Who can a Slip, Trip and Fall Solicitor help you claim against?

    Here at Hampson Hughes, our skilful legal team will assess your potential claim against the other party responsible for your injury. Accident injury claims are made against the person or organisation who may be legally responsible for the actual accident that caused the injuries. Establishing whom to hold accountable for the injuries is not an easy task in some cases. For instance, if you trip over discarded rubbish, you may not immediately identify who is responsible for the negligence.

    However, our skilled and experienced accident injury solicitors will help you explore your claim in a situation where you may not instantly know who is responsible for the accident. Our solicitors have the experience of many years in helping a range of clients to make successful claims against different third parties including local authorities, retailers and a range of employers. In most cases, we liaise with the insurer directly, since the responsible party usually has an insurance policy to cover against potential accidents and injuries.

  • What type of Slip, Trip and Fall injuries can you claim for?

    There are a range of different injuries that a slip, trip and fall solicitor could help you claim for, with the compensation being based on the extent of the injury or damages sustained and any financial losses. Some of the most frequent slip, trip and fall injuries include:

    • soft tissue injuries
    • internal injuries
    • spinal cord injuries
    • head and brain injuries
    • broken bones
    • facial injuries
    • bruising, abrasions, and cuts
    • burns
    • scarring
    • psychological injuries.
  • What can accident injury compensation cover?

    Medical Expenses: Any compensation awarded should recognise the costs of any required treatment resulting from a slip, trip or fall. Such expenses may include:

    i) Home visits, including carers or nursing staff
    ii) Medical appointment travel costs, medical aids and physiotherapy

    Injuries: Your accident injury solicitor will help you to make a claim with regards to any slip, trip or fall injury. Some of the factors considered while determining the appropriate compensation include; the impact of the injuries on your life, recovery duration, and the pain levels involved.

    Lost Earnings: If a doctor authorises you to be away from your workplace, you may be entitled to lost earnings compensation. Our experienced accident injury solicitors will also be able to help you to claim for potential loss of earnings in the future, provided that the suffered injuries prevent you from resuming your work immediately.

    Loss of Enjoyment: Loss of enjoyment opportunities, due to injuries like being unable to take part in your regular workouts in the gym, or any restriction from routine family activities like holidays or performing the ordinary household chores or caring for your children, also deserve appropriate compensation.

  • What evidence do I need for a Slip, Trip and Fall claim?

    If you have not already gathered your evidence, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Our skilled and committed team of slip, trip and fall solicitors will provide you with all of the necessary legal assistance should we take on your claim. Tapping into their vast expertise and experience, our accident injury solicitors will advise you on the particular types of evidence critical in strengthening your claim before a court and obtain as much as they can on your behalf so please do not worry if you do not have any or all of it. Some of the evidence types that can prove useful in a slip, trip and fall claim include:

    • Witness information
    • Contact details of the company representative or property owner
    • Details on what caused your trip, slip or fall; for example, paving or a defective/wet surface
    • Video or photographs of the scene
    • Medical records to help verify your injuries and accident circumstances reported
    • Expert medical evidence to support your claim for injuries
  • How can you find a trusted slip, trip and fall solicitor?

    As you can see, making a successful slip, trip and fall claim is a complex process that requires you to use a qualified and experienced accident injury solicitor.

    With this in mind, you should consider the following points before choosing your ideal accident injury solicitors:

    Compare and contrast legal services

    Always take the time to review the first consultation meeting to assess the expertise of the accident injury solicitors and how they communicated with you. Some of the questions that can guide you through the reflection process include:

    i). Did they explain the legal process involved during the meeting?

    ii). Did they look properly at the details of your potential claim?

    iii). Did you feel satisfied with the expertise and experience they displayed?

    Do your research

    Take the time to perform an online search about the leading lawyers in your region. Include your local area in your keyword searches. You can also seek recommendations from friends, colleagues or family members who have requested legal services for accident injury claims in the recent past.

    Consider the Legal Charges

    Here at Hampson Hughes, we offer No Win No Fee claim options in the vast majority of cases, protecting your financial interests as we can claim our legal costs from the defendant. Always discuss the legal fees with your solicitor, avoid working with accident injury solicitors who ask for upfront charges with no guarantee of any success.

    Failing to contact competent accident injury lawyers can greatly reduce your chances of winning your accident injury claim. We encourage our clients to document the event as well as they remember in order to inform your slip, trip and fall solicitor on the details of the incident to ensure that all the necessary points are included in the final claim.

    Here at Hampson Hughes, we encourage our clients to ensure that they have fully benefited from our consultation services by:

    • Taking notes
    • Providing accurate information at all times
    • Detailing what evidence they currently have access to

    Please contact Hampson Hughes today to speak to our slip, trip and fall solicitors and ascertain whether you have a chance of a successful slip, trip and fall claim. Once you contact our diligent and skilled team of solicitors, they will provide you with the expert advice and guidance you require, as we have done for many clients in Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and in many other places across England and Wales.

    You can get in touch by phone, by email, by completing our online contact form, by requesting a callback or by reaching us on our social media accounts, with details of each method available on our Contact page. Our friendly and experienced team of legal professionals will be able to advise on your possible claim and the chances of securing slip, trip and fall compensation.

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