£2,300 Compensation Secured for Holiday Illness in Tunisia

Our expert Travel Law team recently secured compensation for a client who fell severely ill whilst staying at the Marhaba Club hotel in Sousse, Tunisia.

The seven night stay at the all inclusive resort was booked with tour operators Thomas Cook.

A few days into their holiday, our client began to feel unwell. They suffered symptoms such as stomach cramps, severe diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, temperature and fatigue.

Our client avers that their illness occurred as a result of the poor standard of food and hygiene within the resort.

They reported numerous hygiene issues within the hotel restaurant such as being served food that was undercooked, appeared reheated and was left out for long periods of time, exposed to the insects that infested the area.

According to our client, the staff handling food in the restaurant did not wear gloves and the restaurant itself appeared dirty.

Our client also stated that their hotel room was not cleaned regularly throughout their stay.

Our expert Travel Law team managed to secure £2,300 in compensation for our client.

Shiamli Mehta-Cronie, head of Travel Law here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, said:

“I am very pleased we were able to secure a successful outcome in this case.

“Cases like these, while alarming, are unfortunately not uncommon. Poor practices of food and hygiene standards in resorts abroad are on the rise.

“If you believe that you have contracted food poisoning during a package holiday, contact our dedicated Travel Team today. Whatever your circumstances, we may be able to help you to secure maximum personal injury compensation.”

Holiday sickness claims – expert advice

If you believe that your holiday illness symptoms are linked to poor hygiene standards within your package deal hotel, you may be entitled to holiday illness compensation. There are certain steps that you could take in support of your claim:

•Note all important dates
•Report any hygiene issues to your holiday rep
•Document any suspected poor hygiene (e.g. photo, video)

For further information on holiday sickness compensation, and to discover how much compensation you could be entitled to, call our expert team of travel law solicitors today for instant answers. Whatever your experience with holiday sickness, we may be able to help. We offer you a FREE no-obligation consultation. Call 0800 888 6 888 or email info@hampsonhughes.com

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