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Labrador Retriever | Most Likely Dog Breed to Bite

Image of a white Labrador retriever sitting in a grass field

When making a claim for compensation following a dog bite, individuals named the Labrador Retriever as the attacker more than any other breed.

Most likely dog breed to attack

According to new research from leading pet insurer, Animal Friends, the popular family pet is the most likely dog breed to attack.

The new figures also reveal that nearly a third of all dog bite compensation claims come from postal and delivery workers, with German Shepherds most likely to attack posties. Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Border Collies ranked second and third respectively, for attacks on postal workers.

Over half of all personal injury claims by delivery workers sited dogs not being kept secure as the main cause of attacks. In the majority of cases, incidents occurred when the dog has escaped through an open gate or pushed past its owner.

The NHS spends £20,000 each year on dog bite victims. Patients often require psychological treatment after an attack, as well as surgery that can include nerve grafts, pins and plates.

Dog bite claims – speak to the experts

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Source: Liverpool Echo