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Hampson Hughes & Caudwell Children Launch Partnership

Hampson Hughes Solicitors proudly launched its exclusive supportive partnership with Caudwell Children on Wednesday 19th February. The event took place at our Edward Pavilion HQ and saw the charity launch their unique service to Merseyside, meaning support is now available for families with disabled children.

Before Hampson Hughes Solicitors joined forces with Caudwell Children, the charity unfortunately could not help families in our region. We’re proud to have made this possible for Caudwell Children.



Families invited to ‘Merseyside Family Support Service’ launch

Families caring for disabled children across Merseyside are being invited to attend the launch of a ground-breaking support service later this month.

Merseyside Family Support Service

National children’s charity, Caudwell Children, has partnered with local law firm, Hampson Hughes Solicitors, to launch the Merseyside Family Support Service and provide practical and emotional support for the thousands of families caring for disabled children across the region.

Thanks to funding from the law firm, Merseyside will have a dedicated team of Family Support Co-ordinators and trained volunteers to provide one-to-one support for families at times of crisis.

The Head of Catastrophic Injury at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, commented:

“Caudwell Children provide vital support to families of disabled children across the whole UK but up until now there wasn’t a dedicated team to help people in Merseyside. Having represented families with children that have suffered life changing and debilitating injuries we know only too well the unique challenges they face.

“We’re therefore delighted to be able to fund this important initiative that will provide crucial support when it’s most needed.”

The innovative support service operates across the UK and provides a high quality service to families with disabled children who are experiencing family difficulties or require additional support to prevent feelings of isolation, stress and frustration that can lead to family breakdown.

Steve Jackson, Family Services Manager at Caudwell Children, said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Hampson Hughes Solicitors to provide vital early intervention services and urge families from across the region to come along to the launch or get in touch to find out more.

“We also need dedicated volunteers to help support the service and would invite anyone with an interest in helping disabled children or gaining valuable experience in a practical family support role to come along for a chat.”

The launch takes place at the Hampson Hughes Solicitors offices at the Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock on Wednesday 19th February from 11am to 2pm.

Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children is a national charity providing practical and emotional support for disabled children and their families living in the UK. Founded in 2000, the charity has provided services worth over £25million and supported thousands of children with over 500 different medical conditions.

Liverpool-based personal injury specialists, Hampson Hughes Solicitors, is a proud supporter of several local and national UK charities in particular those that offer a better quality of life to individuals suffering the long term effects of an accident or injury.

For more information about the Merseyside Family Support Service visit the Caudwell Children website at www.caudwellchildren.com or call Freephone 0845 300 1348.

Client Awarded £5,000 Damages for Dental Negligence

Hampson Hughes Solicitors has brought a successful claim for medical negligence against a dental practice following a botched procedure and the subsequent unnecessary extraction of two teeth.

What happened?

Our client, a 56 year old man, visited the dentist in November 2010 complaining of pain and sensitivity in a tooth in his lower left jaw. After consideration, the dentist removed the tooth.

Our client was later informed that the tooth had fractured during the extraction, but was assured that the entire tooth had been removed.

Our client then experienced several days of continued pain and sensitivity. He returned to the dentist, where an x-ray was taken – the dentist failed to spot that part of the root had not been removed.

Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment

Our client was told that the pain was likely due to an infection, and he was prescribed a course of antibiotics.
When this failed to have any effect, the dentist replaced a filling in a neighbouring tooth, hoping that this would provide the solution to the man’s discomfort.

In June 2011, our client’s symptoms worsened. The dentist removed an adjacent tooth, and again prescribed antibiotics. Our client returned to the dentist a further five times.

In April 2012, the dentist replaced two more fillings, and in September 2012, the dentist removed another tooth. Our client experienced continued pain, and decided to visit a hospital.

What was the outcome?

Hospital staff took an x-ray of our client’s jaw and immediately recognised the embedded root.

In February 2013, the man underwent surgery to remove the root – which had by this time decayed, causing gingivitis for which the man is now receiving cleansing treatment.

Our client was awarded £5,000 in damages, and has registered with an alternative dental practice.

Dental negligence compensation claims with Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Dental negligence compensation may be available if you have experienced any unnecessary discomfort as a direct result of the actions taken by your dentist.

Depending on the severity of your dental injury, you may require expert medical care. Where possible, our expert team of medical negligence solicitors will help you to access specialist care as part of your claim.

Discover today if you are eligible to claim dental negligence compensation, call 0800 888 6 888 or email info@hh-law.co.uk.