Tag: Man Receives Police Caution after Uploading Explicit Images

Man Receives Police Caution after Uploading Explicit Images

A man who posted explicit images of his ex-girlfriends and other women on an American based pornography website has been let off with a caution.

Explicit Images Shared Online

Olly Whiting, 36, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, posted pictures of Charlotte White, an ex-girlfriend, online with a message encouraging those viewing the site to rape her because she ‘deserves it’. When posting the photos of White, Whiting added the caption: ‘100 to rape her … 20 to make her miscarry’, knowing that the 23 year old had previously suffered multiple miscarriages.

He also posted pictures of a 15 year old girl and also his sister, Charley Hough – now 21, wearing a school uniform at sixteen, asking people how much they would pay to rape her.

Images of a former colleague of Whiting, Nikki Elliot, also appeared on the site, including one image of her holding her young child, and were greeted with a barrage of explicit messages from various men.

Arrest & Police Caution

The four victims came forward & made complaints to police, after which Whiting was arrested. Following his arrest, police contacted the site’s owners and requested that the pictures, taken from the women’s’ personal Facebook accounts, be removed.

However, officers made the decision not to prosecute Whiting after he admitted to the offences and expressed remorse for his actions. Instead he was handed a caution for three counts of sending offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing messages and one count of revenge porn.

Caution Amounts to ‘slap on the wrist’

Whiting’s victims have now publically voiced their concern over the lack of a custodial sentence, likening the caution he received to a ‘slap on the wrist’. They have also accused police of not taking their complaints seriously.

His sister Charley has said that she is ‘honestly disgusted with the police’, she added:

‘Just the thought of Olly still walking around people having indecent thoughts makes me sick. I never want to see him again. He is evil.’

While his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte, who is also unsatisfied with Whiting’s punishment, said:

‘What Olly did makes me feel sick and violated.

‘They told me it doesn’t count as harassment because it wasn’t done directly to me, just through a website, but it still hurts.’

Whiting’s former colleague Nikki added:

‘It’s outrageous they let him go. He needs to be sectioned because he’s mentally disturbed.’

Response from Sussex Police

Inspector Rachel Barrow, from Sussex Police, said her force chose to issue Whiting with a caution due to his ‘remorse, the nature of the offences, and the likelihood of the caution being effective in preventing re-offending’.

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Source: Mail Online