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£2,200 Compensation Awarded for Holiday Illness

Our team of Travel Law solicitors recently secured compensation for a client whose stay at the Rui Palace in Gran Canaria was ruined by holiday illness.

Holiday illness

Unfortunately, just three days into their all-inclusive package holiday, the claimant began to feel unwell. They suffered symptoms including diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting, along with nausea and fatigue. In total, our client’s symptoms lasted three weeks.

Hotel restaurant

According to the claimant, food and hygiene standards at the hotel were very poor.

Our client reports that meat and fish served in the hotel restaurant was served under-cooked and at the incorrect temperature, as well as appearing reheated. The buffet style food available was left out, often uncovered, for long periods of time and without suitable refrigeration. Drinks appeared watered down, and the claimant believes ice in drinks was made using local tap water.

Our client also asserts that the overall choice and quality of the food was of a very poor standard and that the bar and eating areas were often infested with flies and insects. They added that during their stay at the Rui Palace they did not witness kitchen or restaurant staff wearing gloves when handling food.

The claimant avers that their illness was caused by the poor levels of food and hygiene within the hotel, particularly the hotel restaurant.


Our expert Travel Law team managed to secure a total of £2,200 in compensation for our client on this occasion.

Holiday illness claims – expert advice

If you believe that your holiday illness symptoms are linked to poor hygiene standards within your package deal hotel, you may be entitled to holiday illness compensation. There are certain steps that you could take in support of your claim:

•Note all important dates
•Report any hygiene issues to your holiday rep
•Document any suspected poor hygiene (e.g. photo, video)

Whatever your experience with holiday illness, we may be able to help. Call our expert team of travel law solicitors today for a FREE no-obligation consultation. Call 0800 888 6 888 or email info@hampsonhughes.com.

For further information on holiday illness compensation, please see our Package Holiday Claims page.