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£2,300 Secured for Holiday Illness in Egypt

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Our expert team of travel law solicitors recently secured a total of £2,300 in holiday illness compensation for a client who suffered a severe gastric illness while on holiday in Egypt.

Anthony Harding booked a two week stay at the 5* Sunrise Select Royal Makadi in the Makadi Bay resort of Egypt.

The excursion was booked as an all-inclusive package holiday through tour operators Thomas Cook, meaning that all food and drink was provided by and consumed within the hotel.

Poor food hygiene standards

Unfortunately Mr Harding began to feel unwell just a few days into his holiday. He suffered with vomiting, abdominal cramps, nausea and fatigue – symptoms which are client avers were caused directly by the poor food hygiene standards at the hotel.

When eating at the hotel restaurant, Mr Harding noted that the food hygiene standards were not to an acceptable standard. Our client reports:

• A buffet Style food service which was often tepid in temperature and left uncovered for extended periods of time
• A lot of flies around the eating area
• Food appeared to be reheated
• Certain foods were being recycled for use in other meals
• Members of the catering staff were not wearing gloves when handling the food
• Hot food was being added to trays containing cooler food of the same type
• Drinks served tasted as if they were watered down
• Ice was served in drinks, which was believed to be made from local tap water

Furthermore, Mr Harding reports that hotel staff advised pipes had not been cleaned and this was making people ill.


Our client’s symptoms were so severe that he sought medical attention from the hotel doctor, who provided him with medication and administered Mr Harding with fluids in the form of an IV drip.

Mr Harding’s symptoms lasted around two weeks and as a result, he was unable to enjoy his time in Egypt. Every day holiday activities such as swimming and sight seeing were restricted as our client needed to be near a toilet at all times.

We managed to secure a total of £2,300 in compensation for Mr Harding on this occasion.

Holiday illness claims – expert advice

If you believe that your holiday illness symptoms are linked to poor hygiene standards within your package deal hotel, you may be entitled to holiday illness compensation. There are certain steps that you could take in support of your claim:

•Note all important dates
•Report any hygiene issues to your holiday rep
•Document any suspected poor hygiene (e.g. photo, video)

For further information on holiday sickness compensation, please see our ‘Package Holiday Claims’ page.

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