Q1. Why are different road signs shown in different shapes?

Q2. What does this sign mean?

Q3. What does this sign mean on a dual carriageway?

Q4. What does this sign mean?

Q5. What can happen if you are caught using a phone whilst driving?

Q6. How much can you be fined if yourself or a child under the age of 14 isn’t wearing a seatbelt?

Q7. What is the speed limit for all types of vehicles in a built-up area?

Q8. You see a pedestrian waiting at a zebra crossing. What should you do?

Q9. What’s the legal minimum depth of tread for car tyres?

Q10. In which of the following situations should you never overtake cyclists?

Q11. You are walking alongside the road. The pavement ends. What should you do?

Q12. Before cycling on the road, what should your bike have?