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Hampson Hughes can provide an example of the levels of compensation which can be awarded for various types of personal injury.

However, no two personal injury cases are ever the same and we treat all our clients as individuals – therefore compensation amounts often vary dependant on the claim & accident situation.

For more detailed advice on an accident or personal injury that you have suffered within the past 3 years, please call Hampson Hughes Solicitors on 0800 888 6888.

Our team are here to answer any questions you may have and give you their expert, free advice.

How much compensation can I claim?

Injury Type

Guideline Compensation Amounts

Whiplash injuries (taking up to 2 years to heal) £5,150 to £9,000
Whiplash injuries (taking less than 2 years to heal) £1,000 to £6,000
Severe neck injuries (eg: fractured bones) £16,400 to £21,600
Permanent disability from neck injuries £21,600 to £97,500
Clavicle bone fractures £3,400 to £8,000
Limited movement in shoulder lasting up to
2 years as a result of injury
£5,150 to £8,400
Disability from severe shoulder injury £5,150 to £8,400
Back strains & sprains (healing within 2 years) £1,000 to £5,150
Back strains & sprains (healing between 2 & 5 years) £5,150 to £8,250
Permanent disability from serious back in juries £25,500 to £111,000
Minor injuries to thumb £1,450 to £2,600
Fracture to a finger £2,000 to £3,125
Severe dislocation of thumb £2,600 to £4,450
Serious injury to finger £9,750 to £10,750
Severe fracture/Crushing of hand £9,500 to £19,000
Loss of thumb in accident or due to amputation £23,250 to £36,000
Minor injury/fracture to arm £4,350 to £12,600
Disability as a result of serious arm injury £25,750 to £86,000
Fracture of the wrist £2,300 to £4,850
Wrist injuries resulting in pain/stiffness £8,250 to £16,100