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What will I have to do if I make claim?
We handle everything for you. You will need to hold a telephone conversation with one of our First Response Advisors, who are specially trained to obtain the information required for your case to get started. They will send you out letters confirming the process. You will also be required to make a statement, where an evidence specialist will take a statement from you, either over the telephone or in person. From here you can rest assured that we will take care of everything, as our expert team works away to win your case. We keep contacting you to a minimum to avoid unnecessary disruption to your daily life and will provide updates when needed, at the vital points of the claim.

Do I have to attend a medical appointment arranged by Hampson Hughes Solicitors?
Yes. When anyone makes a claim because they were injured or suffered from a negligent act, the claim they make needs to be valued to know what to claim for. The way an injury claim is valued is based on the injuries and/or suffering the victim suffered. The only way of getting an accurate evaluation of the injuries and/or suffering, is to attend a consultation with a medical expert. The expert at the consultation will look over any injuries you still suffer from and discuss any injuries you may have recovered from. The medical evidence from this expert is essential for a claim for injuries or suffering, as your claim will not be successful without it.

Do you represent people involved in personal injury and medical negligence all over the country?
Yes, we are proud to have represented thousands and thousands of clients all over the country for their personal injury cases and we will continue to do so.
Due to different laws in England & Scotland, we are not able to represent clients who have suffered personal injury who live in Scotland.

Will I have to go to court?
If the claim does go to a trial, you are required to attend. This is simply because you are making the claim and need to be present when the claim is discussed and to answer any questions needed. The claim will not be heard and/or finalised in your absence. If a settlement is reached then the claim will not go to a trial in Court and a claim can settle any time right up until the day of any listed trial. At Hampson Hughes we aim to settle all claims as quickly and amicably as possible, which is a method favoured by the Court. Although it is our aim to try and encourage this settlement, it is not always possible due to various reasons, including disputed liability, dispute of value of the claim, complex issues or other reasons where the opponent may try to avoid satisfying the claim. We will keep you updated as to any progress of settlement, at each stage.

What does ‘liability’ mean?
Liability is a word used to describe fault. When we ‘assess liability’ we look into who was at fault or ‘negligent’ and who caused the incident, from which you suffered an injury and/or suffering. When the opponent is at fault and admit they were at fault, they will ‘admit liability’. When the opponent intends to argue they were not fully at fault, they will ‘deny liability’.

Do I have to pay if I lose?
In the unlikely event that your personal injury case is not successfully won by the expert team here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, you will not have to pay any costs or fees. As your initial paperwork will confirm, you are covered with a no win no fee agreement as well as a policy of legal insurance, to protect you against any cost risks in any event.