Accident On Holiday

Accidents On Holiday

If you have suffered an injury or illness whilst on holiday or business abroad, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Your tour operator, airline and hotel staff all have a duty of care to ensure your safety and provide a safe and hygienic environment.

If your holiday was booked through a travel agent as part of a package holiday then it is likely that you will be able to bring a claim in the UK against the travel company rather than, for example, having to bring a claim directly against a hotel owner in a foreign country. If you are involved in a car accident abroad then you can still claim in your home country, even if the foreign driver is not insured.Some of the most common types of accidents abroad include:

  • Tripping over a defective path or slipping on a wet floor in the hotel.
  • Road traffic accident whilst driving a rental car, motorcycle, minibus or as a pedestrian.
  • Accident as a passenger whilst travelling in a car, coach or taxi.
  • Food poisoning from the hotel restaurant.
  • Sports accident due to poorly maintained or faulty equipment, e.g. skiing accident.
  • Injured whilst on an arranged day excursion

The claim for your accident abroad will include compensation for the injuries and illness suffered, loss of enjoyment for you and your family, loss of income due to time off work and costs to help with medication and rehabilitation. Our solicitors have many years of experience in helping clients claim compensation for accident or illness suffered whilst on holiday in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Australia. As the law in different countries can make claiming a complex process, our expert solicitors can help you get the maximum amount of compensation.

If you believe you may be entitled to compensation for an accident or illness whilst on holiday or require further information, please call our specialist holiday compensation advisors on 0151 236 1222 or fill out a claim form.


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