Undoubtedly the physical injury alone is not much to consider as it is typically only a tiny pin prick. It will most likely recover within a matter of days of the incident and there will be no permanent damage or scarring.

In spite of this, these types of injuries might cause a number of stress or anxiety. For example it may well not be possible for you to trace the needle to the patient it was used on. This then raises concerns that the individual that it had been used upon was affected by a blood borne virus for example Hepatitis B or C or even HIV.

People may feel very isolated and unable to actually reach out to their family and friends for support, for fear that close personal contact could cause their loved ones to contract these much feared ailments. Several couples will stop having an active sex life while some people will not touch their children or become fixated with their cleaning regime.

Typically somebody may experience sleepless nights, anxiety disorders, tearfulness, fear and phobia’s.

The victim of a needlestick injury might need immunisation and/ or antibiotics. If it is felt that there seemed to be a substantial risk of HIV then Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) will begin. This includes the administration of antiretroviral drugs to reduce the risk of contracting HIV however this should be commenced within 1 hour of the initial injury while its success is diminished the longer it is left before PEP begins.

Despite having a course of immunisation and drugs to assist the affected person will still have to undergo regular blood tests to ascertain whether or not they have the “all clear”. These blood tests need to be carried out over several months therefore it can be as long as a year after the accident before an individual finds out for sure whether they have the “all clear”. These are all things that are taken into account for needlestick compensation awards.

The damages award to any needlestick claim victim is really assessed on a case by case basis. However, in cases such as this there is often compensation for the emotional and psychological impact that the injury has had on the person. Find out what you should do if you are injured by a needlestick.

Other heads of damage may include:

  • Damages for the injury itself that includes the pain and suffering caused. In the majority of claim this is purely for the pin prick itself. However, this would also include the psychological injury and stress that a person has suffered as it may be months before a person receives the “all clear”. It is rare to find that a person has contracted a viral infection such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C but if they do then this would be compensated for as well;
  • Loss of earnings, bonus and commission;
  • The cost of counselling and other therapy for the psychological damage caused;
  • Medication charges such as sleeping tablets or anti-depressants;
  • Travelling expenses.

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