Washington Chemical Works
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Washington Chemical Works

October 4, 2012

Have you worked at Washington Chemical Works in Sunderland? Do you have a friend or family member who has or still does work for the company?

Hampson Hughes Solicitors has been made aware of Asbestosis claims against the company by employees. If you think this could affect you, contact the Industrial Disease experts at Hampson Hughes Solicitors today on 0800 88 6888 or email


The Hazards Of Working With

October 2, 2012

Dangers surrounding workers who deal with asbestos include heart disease and damage to the lungs a recent article has revealed. If you would like free, expert advice on asbestosis or any other type of work related disease, contact the expert industrial disease team at Hampson Hughes Solicitors on 0800 888 6888 or email

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The Dangers Of Asbestos

It has emerged that celebrity TV presenter Christine Bleakley faces a new cancer scare following revelations she could have been exposed to deadly asbestos dust at her school in Belfast. Despite this being around 30 years ago, the effects of asbestosis could still cause major health problems for Christine today.

If you believe you have been affected by asbestos, contact the expert Industrial Disease team at Hampson Hughes Solicitors on 0800 888 6888 or email

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