Medical Negligence


What is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence describes a situation in which the patient’s health has deteriorated as a direct result of treatment. In some instances, such cases can lead to a criminal prosecution.

The NHS Litigation Authority details 14,171 completed medical negligence claims for the year 2011-2012. This is a 13% rise compared to the previous year’s figure, and a 40% increase over a three year period.

Thinking of Starting a Claim?

We understand that beginning a claim against medical professionals may seem daunting. To help you, below is list of some of the more frequent causes for starting a medical negligence claim:

  • GP negligence
  • Surgical accidents
  • Dental negligence
  • Brain damage/injury
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Defective medical products
  • Misdiagnosis/ Delay in diagnosis

We appreciate that in the aftermath of such negligence, individuals may experience emotional stress and anxiety – our Hampson Hughes Solicitors expert team is trained to offer both professional legal help and practical support to assist you in any life changes.

If you think you, or someone you know, has been affected by medical negligence and would like expert advice on this type of case, contact Hampson Hughes Solicitors Medical Negligence Team today on 0151 242 1025 or email

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