Changing Your Solicitor

“How do I change my solicitor?”

Changing your solicitor is free – you have the right to seek out and employ replacement legal representation.

If you are considering changing your solicitor, you must first ensure that any outstanding fees are
paid in full. If you are unsure, speak to our friendly first response team today – we can help.

Why Change Solicitor – Trust Your Instincts

You may notice unprofessional behaviour on behalf of your current solicitor, including:

  • Your solicitor fails to attend appointments
  • Payment is requested for unverifiable services
  • You feel that you are receiving poor or generalised advice

Another consideration is that a small firm could choose to focus its resources on settling larger cases
in order to improve its image – meaning that your claim may not be handled as swiftly as you deserve.

“What will happen to my claim if I change solicitor?”

What is important to remember is that your case will not be affected.

We will request your case file from your current solicitor, and seamlessly pursue a settlement.

Hampson Hughes is the heavyweight back-up you have been looking for. We promise to listen to your concerns and, under normal circumstances, we will make every effort to accommodate your case.