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Compensation Calculator

Click On A Body Part To See How Much Compensation You Are Entitled To: Select A Body Part To See How Much Compensation You Are Entitled To:

Whether you are looking for information regarding criminal injuries compensation, car accident compensation, accident at work compensation, or any other accident compensation, our calculator could help you to better understand your entitlement.

Simply click on the area of the body relevant to your injury. You will be presented with options regarding the severity of the injury, linked to the compensation you deserve.

Whilst we try to ensure that all the data is up to date, we advise that the figures are used only as a guide.

Please note that if you have suffered multiple injuries, you will not receive separate awards for each individual injury but rather you will receive one award based on all injuries which may reflect any overlap in pain, suffering and loss of amenity which will be valued in line with the Judicial College Guidelines.

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