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Sexual Abuse

If you have been affected by sexual abuse, speaking to a member of our team may be the first time that you have discussed your experience. This is common among our clients, many of whom wish to approach the matter away from the attention of family and friends. We guarantee confidentiality at all times. Whatever your situation, we’re ready to talk you through your sexual abuse claim.

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Sexual abuse claim – conflict of emotions

Following any instance of sexual abuse, you may experience a conflict of emotions. For example, you could feel conflicted where you wish to act but you do not wish to bring attention to yourself. You may also feel conflicted where you do not wish to be responsible for the consequences that the abuser may face. In response to a conflict of emotions, you could find that you adopt coping strategies:


Minimising or ‘playing down’ the significance of sexual abuse is often seen as a way of dismissing the issue and moving on. Minimising sexual abuse and not taking action is also sometimes viewed as a necessary and unselfish act where dependants rely on the abuser as a main provider.


You may be weary that your description of events will not be believed. This could lead to feelings of unworthiness, which you may then begin to attach to unrelated misfortune in everyday life. A belief that you are to blame for any misfortune could reinforce the rationalisation that you deserve abuse.

Traumatic amnesia

Traumatic amnesia commonly occurs where there is a perceived benefit to blocking out a stressful event. For example, blocking any instance of sexual abuse from memory could allow for a continued relationship with the abuser. This may seem beneficial where you are a dependant of the abuser.

What is important to remember is that a coping strategy is not typically a permanent solution. If you feel that you are ready to begin your sexual abuse claim, we can help. Depending on your circumstances, we could help you to access specialist services that offer dedicated support in cases of sexual abuse. For further information on how we could help you, contact us today.

Non-physical sexual abuse claims

The spectrum of sexual offences includes instances of non-physical sexual abuse. Non-physical sexual abuse relates to any emotional distress caused by threatening behaviour in a sexual context. If you believe that you have experienced non-physical sexual abuse, speak to our expert team of solicitors today for free information and instant professional advice.

Examples of non-physical sexual abuse include:

Non-physical sexual abuse

  • Online sexual harassment
  • Pressure to drink alcohol or take drugs
  • Intentionally exposing a child to sexual images
  • Intimidation in a sexual context through trespassing or stalking
  • Demands made where sexual abuse is threatened for non-compliance

Sexual abuse claim – expert advice and support

If you have been affected by any instance of physical sexual abuse or by any instance of non-physical sexual abuse, contact us today. We offer expert advice on sexual abuse claims, and we guarantee your confidentiality at all times. For further information, and to discover how we could help you, begin a conversation with our experienced and friendly team.
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