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Hampson Hughes’ incentives – what’s the catch?

By Kesiena Ovien, Paralegal at Hampson Hughes Solicitors

(above article featuring Hampson Hughes Solicitors in the Daily Mail newspaper & online, Sunday 11th February 2012)

Hampson Hughes offer prospective clients the incentive of an iPad 2, £400 cash or £1000 cash advance incentive.

We’re operating in a highly competitive market & we offer these incentives to show our new clients that we genuinely value their decision to allow us to represent them, and we also want to thank our previous clients for recommending our service to their family members, friends and acquaintances.
Who are the incentives offered to?

Incentives are offered to two groups of clients:

1)      New clients who have instructed Hampson Hughes to deal with their claim directly.

2)      Previous clients who ”refer a friend” to us.

Hampson Hughes is strongly opposed to illegitimate claims.

We are committed to ensuring that we only deal with genuine claims. There is a process in place to ensure that only claimants with a genuine claim are offered an incentive. The requirements which need to be met, in order to qualify for one of the incentives are:

·         Liability needs to be formally admitted by the third party insurance company.

·         The client needs to attend a medical appointment with one of our approved medical experts and the subsequent medical report needs to be on file.

How does the client benefit?

The client receives the incentive once the above requirements are met. A common misconception is that the value of the incentive will be deducted from the client’s compensation, which is completely false. The incentives are offered in addition to the compensation the client is awarded. The only exception is if the client opts for the cash advance payment which, of course, will be deducted from their award.

A lot of clients are unaware that other many other firms pay referral fees to other company’s who pass through claims. A lot of the time the data received can be inaccurate, clients feel pressured and claims can often be delayed given the extended process. Because of this, Hampson Hughes strongly believes in cutting out the middle man and we urge clients to contact us directly.

We absolutely recognise that without our clients Hampson Hughes would not exist and we believe in rewarding our clients by offering them an incentive. We prefer to reward our clients rather than paying a fee to the expendable middle man. Hampson Hughes has a strong “client satisfaction” ethos and we are committed to ensuring that we adhere to this throughout the duration of the process for each claim. We consistently strive to provide excellent client care and complete customer satisfaction.

How do Hampson Hughes benefit?

We thrive on providing a high standard of service and expertise to clients - the firm has grown vastly over the last two and a half years and we intend to expand further in the future.

Our expansion plans depend upon us establishing a strong relationship with previous, existing and potential clients. We are confident that clients will be impressed with the service provided and the high level of expertise the firm offers. We feel that by offering incentives we encourage first time clients to use our service and that by providing them with a high quality service from start to finish we are encouraging them to “refer a friend” or return to us in the future – if they are ever unfortunate enough to suffer another personal injury.

Our own research shows that the incentives we offer to our clients coupled with the impressive service we offer them separate us from our competitors.

You can find out more about beginning a claim for personal injury with Hampson Hughes Solicitors by calling 0800 888 6888 or by emailing

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