Head Injuries


700,000 people are admitted to Accident and Emergency each year suffering from a head injury according to recent figures published by the NHS.
Around 10% of these cases are classed as moderate or severe.

In less severe cases, the NHS states that around 97% of patients are discharged from hospital after a 48 hour period of close observation – this can lead many people to falsely believe that they do not have a basis for a claim.
Learning to Spot the Signs
Head injuries can lead to complications beyond the physical. Common symptoms to look out for include:

  • Seizure – characterised as the body moving uncontrollably
  • Tiredness – difficulty in staying awake, often accompanied by slurred speech
  • Concussion – even a short term loss of memory or consciousness may be significant
  • Double Vision/Blurred Vision – and other problems with the senses, such as hearing impairment

Noticeable emotional and behavioural side effects affecting a person’s regular conduct may also be signs that injuries are more than physical. Infection too can become a real danger following a skull fracture.
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