Injuries from needles are commonly referred to as needlestick or sharps injuries. Sharps may specify items such as scalpels, lancets, syringes, and glass from broken medical equipment.

Needlestick/sharps injuries tend to affect the hands and feet, and occur most often in the health and social care sector. Other professions at increased risk include refuse collectors, tattoo artists, and cleaners.

Figures published by the Royal College of Nursing show that almost half (48%) of the 4,407 nurses surveyed had been stuck by a needle which had previously been used on a patient.

We Understand Your Concerns

Tracing the original use of a needle is not always possible. Although rare, there is a risk that a needle may be infected with a blood borne virus.

In many cases this leads to hospital testing and heightened levels of anxiety.

This and other factors such as the emotional and psychological impact of the injury are also taken into account when assessing your claim.

Thinking of Starting a Claim?

Hampson Hughes Solicitors specialise in handling no win no fee needlestick personal injury claims.

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