In January 2011, I was a front seat passenger in my friend’s vehicle. I had my seat belt on and we were stationary at a roundabout when the Defendant collided with the rear of our stationary vehicle.
Following the accident I suffered from pains and stiffness to my neck and right shoulder which I believed was just whiplash sustained in the accident. However, I also developed swelling to my right breast, were the seatbelt had tightened across my chest. This developed into a lump (in my right breast) and I was referred to the Hospital for an ultrasound scan. The scan showed that my right breast implant had ruptured & The Hospital removed my right breast implant (on the NHS) but they would not remove the left breast implant, and would not replace the right breast.
I informed my Solicitors straight away and they advised me that they would investigate the possibility of the accident causing my implant to rupture because of the seatbelt.
The Defendant admitted that the accident occurred, but alleged that the accident happened at such a low speed that I could not have been injured as a result of the accident. The Defendant was given permission to have me examined by their own medical expert.
It was alleged by the Defendants medical expert that because my implant was a PIP implant it was likely that it would have ruptured, even if the accident didn’t happen. My Solicitors researched PIP implants and sent their research to the medical expert asking questions about the possible links between the accident and my ruptured breast.
The Defendants insurers did not respond to my Solicitors first offer to settle my claim. My Solicitors had to issue proceedings, and then the issue of causation was raised. The Defendants made me an offer of £5,000.00 in August 2012. My Solicitors told me to reject this offer.
My claim settled in September 2013 for £20,000.00. Without the expertise, advice and hard work of my Solicitors I may have under settled my claim by £15,000.00. But I didn’t and Hampson Hughes made sure that I got the right compensation for my injuries.