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Liverpool road accident map 2015-2016

The map shows the percentage* density of Liverpool road traffic accidents for 2015-2016 by postcode. Higher rates of road accidents are coloured red, descending through orange, yellow, and green. The map shows a higher rate of road traffic accidents in the postcodes surrounding the immediate city centre, with a much lower rate of road traffic accidents in the outer-most postcodes.


Liverpool road traffic congestion 2015

Liverpool congestion levels rank 61st in the world (based on cities with a population greater than 800,000 people). Vehicle commuters can expect an average increased travel time of 29 minutes per journey during peak hours compared to off-peak hours. On average, this is equivalent to 46% extra travel time during the morning rush hour, and 50% extra travel time during the evening rush hour.

Over the course of 230 working days per year, Liverpool commuters travelling by road during both morning and evening rush hours face an additional 110 hours of travel. This is an increase of 1% on travel time compared to the previous year’s figures.

UK rank
(Population greater than 800,000)
Extra travel time at peak hours
1 London 38%
2 Manchester 37%
3 Newcastle-Sunderland 31%
4 Liverpool 29%
5 Birmingham-Wolverhampton 27%
6 Leeds-Bradford 27%
7 Glasgow 26%

Liverpool road traffic accidents, 2016

The Liverpool road accident map shows road accident statistics between 2015 and 2016. There have been several major road traffic accidents in Liverpool since the start of 2016.

18th January 2016 – commuters attempting to enter Liverpool city centre via Southport Road, Bootle, faced huge delays following a collision between a motorcycle and car just before 5pm.

29th February 2016 – two HGVs, a people carrier, a car, and a van were involved in a collision that caused evening traffic chaos along Queen’s Drive, a major route in and out of Liverpool.

4th March 2016 – motorists attempting to leave Liverpool via the Queensway Tunnel faced delays of up to two hours following a vehicle collision inside the two-mile long tunnel at around 6:15pm.

Road traffic accident claims – expert help

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*Road traffic accident statistics based on all road traffic accident claims accepted by Hampson Hughes Solicitors 2015-2016

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