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Female doctors who work part-time after having children put NHS under strain

A Conservative minister has stated that female doctors who have children and then work part-time are placing a huge burden on the NHS.

Anna Soubry commented that this occurred when there was a rise in the number of women studying medicine.

It is about 55 per cent of medical students who are female and experts have said that the majority of doctors will be women by 2017.

It was during a debate about the new 111 NHS advice line when Anne McIntosh, the Tory MP for Thirsk and Malton, commented that female doctors are putting this strain on the NHS.

Her comments were immediately attacked by medical experts they asked her to clarify that they were “not intended to be derogatory”.

A spokesperson on behalf of the British Medical Association stated that this is a very outdated view of women in the modern workplace and that having a family or choosing to work flexibly should not be perceived as a negative career option, for women or men.

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