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My Rehabilitation

Depending on your circumstances, we could help you to gain access to expert medical care and rehabilitation support. Please see below for information on the types of help that may be available.


A physiatrist could help to accurately diagnose the symptoms of your personal injury. Your physiatrist is also best placed to refer you for further treatment with regards to any potential surgical procedures.

Physical therapist

Your physical therapist could help you to maximise your muscle functionality and increase your mobility. Your rehabilitation may include the use of gym equipment that can help to develop specific muscle groups.

Speech therapist

Where your personal injury affects your speech, a speech therapist could help you to improve your communication. This could also include treatments that could improve your ability to swallow or chew.


A psychologist could help you to understand and respond to any unusual behavioural patterns. A psychiatrist could help you to manage any mental health issues (e.g. anxiety, depression).


A healthy body will respond more readily to physical treatments. A greater quality of nutrition will also boost the body’s immune system, potentially preventing the onset of avoidable health issues.

Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist could help you to overcome any barriers that may prevent you from carrying out tasks – this could include providing solutions to carrying out daily tasks in the home or in the workplace.

Recreation therapist

A recreational therapist could help you to improve your mobility and emotional well-being. Recreational therapy can often involve social activities with other patients. Activities could include crafts, music, drama, and sports.

If you have any queries regarding your rehabilitation in relation to your personal injury compensation claim, speak to our dedicated team today. Remember, we offer you a FREE no-obligation consultation. Discover today how we may be able to provide access to private medical care as part of your personal injury compensation claim.

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