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NHS Trust Admit Liability Following Birth Injury

A mother who suffered a life changing injury during the birth of her son is due compensation after University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust admitted liability for the injury.

Grade Four Perennial Tear

34 year old Debbie Armstrong suffered a grade four perennial tear whilst giving birth to Kaiden, now 6, at the University hospital in 2010.

According to Miss Armstrong, medical staff at the hospital failed to correctly diagnose the position of the baby, which resulted in Kaiden being delivered in a problematic position.

The injuries that Miss Armstrong sustained during the birth of her son were so severe that she has been left wearing a permanent colostomy bag.

Discussing her experience, which has left her needing regular assistance and support, Miss Armstrong said:

“It has been extremely difficult to come to terms with both the physical and mental impact my injuries and the subsequent surgeries I’ve undergone have had on me.

“I can only hope that what has happened to me won’t happen to anyone else in the future and I believe that by taking legal action and speaking out about my experiences in the last six years the Trust, and others around the country, will take every possible step to protect mothers from the problems I have suffered.”


It was claimed that hospital staff ‘failed correctly to diagnose the position of the baby’s head and/or negligently misapplied the forceps’ during Kaiden’s delivery. As a result of this, the foetal head was delivered in an awkward and difficult position, which in turn lead to Miss Armstrong’s severe injuries.

Miss Armstrong sought legal action and the NHS Trust has since admitted liability for her injuries.

Chief medical officer and deputy chief executive officer at University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, Professor Meghana Pandit said:

“We would like to apologise unreservedly to Ms Armstrong for the pain and distress that she has suffered since her son’s birth at University Hospital in 2010.

“We are a specialist maternity centre , and are saddened that while Ms Armstrong’s baby son was delivered safely, she suffered a serious perineal tear during his birth.

“I would like to apologise on behalf of the trust for the distress this has caused, and hope that whatever financial settlement is agreed will go some way to help both her and her family in the future.”

Since the incident, Miss Armstrong’s relationship with Kaiden’s father has broken down and she has had to move back in with her parent’s as she requires regular support and assistance. Miss Armstrong has also found going back to work difficult as she has to be near a toilet at all times due to her injury.

Birth Injury Claims – Expert Advice

Birth injury claims may involve any instance of medical negligence during pregnancy or childbirth. If you have been affected by a birth injury, you may be entitled to maximum personal injury compensation.

Speak to our expert team of medical negligence solicitors today to discover how we could help you. Remember, we offer you a FREE no-obligation consultation, call us on 0800 888 6888 or email .

Source: Coventry Telegraph; BBC News

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