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Hospital Payout – Girl Injected with Glue

A 10-year old girl has been injected with glue – directly into her brain – at Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital, London.

What Happened?

Maisha Najeeb suffers from a rare condition in which the arteries and blood vessels in her brain are susceptible to entanglement.

Maisha had previously benefited from the embolization procedure – which involves deliberately blocking problematic blood vessels so as to prevent future complications.

However, on this occasion the syringe containing the glue (used to clot the vessels) was mistaken for the syringe containing the dye (used to highlight blood vessels in scans).

What was the Outcome?

Maisha, now aged 13, was awarded a £2.8m lump sum by Judge William Birtles at London’s High Court.

The teenager will also receive £383,000 each year until the age of 19. From the age of 19, Maisha will receive £423,000 each year for life – she is expected to live into her 60s.

Maisha’s father Sadir commented:

“Her life is ruined. All her dreams have been broken. I hope that by bringing this case,
lessons will have been learned to avoid this happening to other families.”

Maisha has lost the majority of her bodily and cognitive functions as a result of the incident. The compensation will go towards accommodation and care support.

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