The chosen gift will be issued once the following terms & conditions have been met:

– Hampson Hughes Solicitors (No Win No Fee) Funding Agreement has been signed by the client and returned

FULL Admission of liability from at fault party (if causation is raised such as low velocity impact then this is not a full admission of liability and you will not be eligible)

– Medical appointment arranged by Hampson Hughes Solicitors has been attended, and the official medical report has been approved by both Hampson Hughes Solicitors and client.

In claims relating to road traffic accidents, including motorbike related accidents, damage to the vehicle being driven or travelled in must be a minimum of £500.

The £2000 cash advance on compensation award will not be honoured if the value of the injuries contained within the approved medical report equals less than £3,000, or if an interim payment is made by the third party insurer. In this instance, a reduced cash advancement may be offered.

Cash advances will also not be issued on clinical negligence cases, industrial disease cases, if the accident occurred at low speed or if the accident was over 18 months old and the client did not attend the GP/Hospital

For claims involving Catastrophic Injuries or injuries valued in excess of £25,000.00 Hampson Hughes will make a cash advance payment in excess of £2,000.00 based upon a review of the injuries by a Director of the Firm and the Head of the Catastrophic Injury Department.

If you have sufficient BTE Cover and are receiving 100% compensation, you will not be eligible for the cash gift or the iPad (with the exception of minors) however you will still be entitled to a cash advancement. (subject to existing terms and conditions)

Only one gift per eligible case

Gifts, once taken/received by a client, are non-transferable. All gifts are at the discretion of the directors and are honoured on cost bearing personal injury cases.

Gifts are not available to clients referred to Hampson Hughes Solicitors by a third party including claims management companies or referral companies.
Gifts and Cash Advances are also not available for “small value” claims which are valued at £1,000 or below, claims where a previous solicitor has been acting and they have received Stage 1 costs and claims which are dealt with by the Motor Insurance Bureau for untraced drivers, claims caused by an animal or on Criminal Injury claims.