Industrial Induced Dermatitis

What is Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is the medical term used to describe any type of inflammatory skin condition. In work related skin conditions the term occupational dermatitis is given.

One of the most common forms of occupation dermatitis is contact eczema. This causes the skin to appear with small blisters, it can make the skin sore to the touch, cause dryness and redness too. Often the dry condition of the skin causes it to crack which causes further irritation to occur.

Occupational Hazard

The following substances have been known to cause or aggravate dermatitis:

Cleaning products, organic solvents, metalworking fluids, cement, adhesives, acids, food produce (especially citrus fruits), coins, rubber, latex, lubricants, soaps, shampoos, alcohol based sanitisers, other chemicals, and even certain plants.

Industries where employees have been known to suffer from Occupational Dermatitis:

Agriculture, Food Industry, Construction, Engineering, Rubber Industry, Printing Industry, Horticulture, Cleaning, Motor Vehicle Repair, Chemical, Building, Hairdressing.

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