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Here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors we are proud of our exemplary track record – nobody will work harder to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors has recently settled the following client cases:

Value Date Description Of Injuries
£17,500 17/01/2013 Hampson Hughes Solicitors have recently settled a personal injury case for our client, awarding £17,500 compensation for 12 month+ injuries relating to left shoulder, left wrist and exacerbation of pre-existing Depression. Private Treatment & Care Expenses were also agreed to be covered by the third party insurer because of Hampson Hughes Solicitors
Value Date Description Of Injuries
£10,000 24/10/2013 The Claimant was employed by the Defendant as a general assistant. On 2 July 2012 The Claimant was loading a HGV van with furniture. He had been told by his supervisor to load the van from top to bottom to make sure it was completely full. As he was standing on the side of the van, he lost his balance and grabbed onto a support pole and fell. He had not received any proper manual handling training and was not provided with the appropriate equipment despite this being requested. Following the accident, the Claimant went by ambulance to Southport District General Hospital where it was noted that he had dislocated his shoulder. The Claimant took two weeks off work and, following this, was on light duties for six weeks.
£3,500 23/10/2013 The Claimant, a 29 year old man, was awarded damages of £3,500 for the loss of his lower left molar (LL6)

In January 2012, our client attended for appointment with his dentist (the defendant) complaining of swelling and pain to the left side of his mouth. He was advised that he had an abscess on his lower left molar (LL6) and the treatment options were root canal therapy or extraction. Our client elected to have root canal therapy, which was commenced that day.

Our client returned a week later for his dentist to complete the root canal therapy.

In March 2012 our client returned following a prolonged period of pain in his lower left molar (LL6) His treatment was taken over by another dentist. Our client was informed the root canal therapy had not been sufficiently completed. Although the second dentist attempted to rectify this, regrettably this attempt was unsuccessful and the tooth extracted in June 2013.

Value Date Description Of Injuries
£3,908 08/02/2013 Awarded for 12 month soft tissue injury to ankle

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