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Who We Are

If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may have asked yourself “can I claim for my injury?” and “will I have to go to court?

The answer is reassuringly simple: we will take care of everything. This sounds cliché. But it’s true.
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When it comes to personal injury claims, we are the personal injury solicitors that choose not to tell you what you want to hear – instead we choose to tell you how we’re going to win.

Latest news

A firm has been charged £100,000 in both fines and costs, after a number of people were left with broken legs and ankles when Tower Bridge lift fell several metres into a service pit due to vital mechanism failure. What happened? A lift... Read More..

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, David and the team at Hampson Hughes for your expertise and attention throughout this case. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hampson Hughes to anyone in respect of legal services." J Williams

How can we help?

Compensation Calculator

Many of our clients choose to contact us only when they have researched the likely benefits of claiming accident compensation – that is why we have made calculating your personal injury compensation easy. Read More...

Help After An Accident

We tailor our service to each individual. From brain injury rehabilitation and sports injury rehabilitation, to loss recovery and organising replacement vehicles, let our personal injury compensation specialists fully coordinate your recovery. Read More...

Our Charity Work

Hampson Hughes is proud to support local and national UK charities – in particular those that offer a better quality of life to individuals suffering the long term effects of an accident or injury. Read More...


Whether your accident caused by negligence in the home, in the work place, in the street, or abroad, Hampson Hughes Personal Injury Solicitors will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Through our uncompromising dedication, we have succeeded in claiming lawful compensation on behalf of thousands of satisfied clients.

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What Happens Next?

3 easy steps:

  • You will be allocated robust legal representation.
  • The medical agency we use may recommend specialist rehabilitation. If they do we will seek the costs of this from the defendant for you.
  • Following your first conversation with Hampson Hughes Solicitors, and if we feel you have a personal injury case, you will receive notification via mail outlining all relevant procedures.

From the moment your claim is accepted, Hampson Hughes will take care of everything.

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Advice on your no win no fee claim is free, and you may be entitled to a cash advance of up to £2,000.