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Poorly Fitted Crowns and Bridges

If you’ve suffered from poorly fitted crowns or bridges, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Claiming compensation for a poorly fitted crown or bridge

In the UK, those who undergo dental treatment to fit a crown or a bridge will usually receive excellent care that meets the expected standard. There are cases, sadly where the dental care falls short, and in some cases could be classed as negligent. In this event, you may be able to claim for dental negligence if you can show that:

  • there is a level of injury or damage as a result of poorly performed procedure, beyond that expected following a crown or bridge fitting;
  • there is/was further dental treatment required to correct the poorly performed procedure, and
  • the poorly fitted crown or bridge was due to negligence from a dental professional;
  • the crown or bridge failed as a result of poor fitting.

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To discuss the range of legal services offered by Hampson Hughes in relation to dental negligence, including dental crown compensation and dental bridge compensation, you can contact us by phone or email today. Further information is also available on our main Dental Negligence Claims page.

How can I tell if I have a dental negligence claim?

Any dental care received in an NHS or private dental facility is subject to dental industry standards, namely that it should be carried out carefully, skilfully and safely to an accepted standard. While many forms of dental treatment, including dental crowns and dental bridges, will have some level of associated pain in the hours and days that follow, an act of dental negligence will often cause you continued pain, failure of the crown, additional procedure, loss of teeth and lasting damage.

Should anyone who undergoes dental treatment in the UK suffer from a dental professional’s actions not meeting the reasonable standard, leading to a poorly fitted dental crown or dental bridge, it may be that you have suffered from dental negligence. Common issues leading to dental negligence claims include:

  • Procedural error resulting in tooth damage
  • Substandard dental bridge treatment
  • Poorly performed dental crown procedure

We appreciate that many individuals across the UK are unsure whether the poorly fitted dental crown or poorly fitted dental bridge they suffered would qualify for a dental negligence claim. Hampson Hughes offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss the details of your case with one of our dental negligence solicitors. You’ll be able to find out more about your legal options and whether we can represent your claim for dental crown compensation or dental bridge compensation.

What evidence is useful for a dental crown compensation claim?

In any compensation claim for dental negligence, the responsibility falls on the Claimant, through their legal representatives, to demonstrate both:

  • a clear level of injury, pain and/or damage suffered
  • negligent action by the dental professional
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It is helpful to have a range of evidence in support of your claim including factual and expert evidence. While we ask that our clients gather any evidence they currently have access to, it is not essential because our dental negligence experts will be able to gather such evidence for any claim that we pursue.

We have an excellent track record in successful dental negligence claims, with that record including claims seeking compensation for poorly fitted dental crowns or dental bridges. Some of the most useful evidence types that we help our clients to gather include:

Independent Dental Expert: dental negligence claims are complex in both medical and legal terms, so it is beneficial to obtain the assessment of an independent dental professional who can offer expert opinion on any dental negligence suffered. We can arrange examination at a time and location that suits our client.

Dental Records: any dental treatment you receive is required to be documented in your dental records. If you have suffered a poorly fitted dental crown or poorly fitted dental bridge, this too should be on record. With the consent of a client, we will access their medical records for evidence of any negligence.

Relevant Dental Journals: some claims will be supported by us using accredited medical and dental journals in order to demonstrate expected levels of care and where your treatment did not meet this standard.

What are the time limits on a dental bridge compensation claim?

Any claim seeking dental crown compensation or dental bridge compensation in the UK will be subject to the standard time limits for a dental negligence claim. These limits, at present, are:

  • three years from the date of the negligent dental procedure
  • in some cases, three years from the date when you first became aware of the negligence in question
  • in cases where the negligence occurred before the claimant was 18, the limit is three years from the patient’s 18th birthday (in many cases, however, a suitable adult can be permitted to claim on a minor’s behalf before the age of 18)

What is the cost of a dental crown compensation claim?

Legal costs are a concern for many individuals and families, but having worked with a range of clients on their dental negligence claims, our team at Hampson Hughes are always ready to help you find the funding option that best protects your financial interests. For most clients, we will be able to offer legal representation of a dental crown or dental bridge compensation claim on No Win, No Fee terms.

This claim model, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in most cases we will be able to recover all legal costs from the defendant, meaning you do not have to pay anything if you lose. We have helped clients in Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Manchester and all over England and Wales to select the funding arrangement that best suits their financial circumstances.

How do I find an expert dental negligence solicitor?

Finding a reliable and proficient dental negligence solicitor is key in ensuring the best possible chance of a successful outcome in your dental crown compensation claim. Selecting a negligence expert with the expertise and experience to handle every detail of a dental bridge compensation claim allows you to approach each stage of the claim process with confidence.

The dental negligence team at Hampson Hughes offer our clients a dedicated and consistently professional approach as we work towards obtaining you the maximum compensation possible for your claim. To get in touch with our dental negligence team, call today to discuss the range of legal services we can offer.

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