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Nerve Damage After Tooth Extraction Claims

If your dentist has caused you tooth nerve damage, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Have you suffered from dental nerve damage?

If you have undergone a dental procedure for a tooth extraction that has left you with ongoing nerve damage, it is possible that you may be able to bring a potential dental negligence claim. If a dental negligence solicitor can demonstrate that you:

  • have suffered a level of injury and/or nerve damage outside of the expected level for a tooth extraction and
  • this damage can be attributed to the negligent action or inaction of a dental professional.

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For more information on our range of legal services with regards to dental negligence, specifically when it comes to your nerve damage caused as a result of a substandard tooth extraction, you can get in touch with the legal team at Hampson Hughes today, with our legal experts available by phone or email.

How do I know if I have a dental nerve damage claim?

Any time you receive the care of a dental professional, whether with the NHS or a private dental facility, you should expect to be treated by someone who performs the procedure correctly and safely. It is normal for dental treatment to be accompanied by some level of pain in the hours and possibly days following, but negligent dental care can often lead to continued problems or lasting damage, including nerve damage.

For anyone receiving dental care in the UK, you should be met with dental treatment that meets the standard that all dentists are expected to adhere to. Should any of their actions or inactions not reach that expected level, leading to you suffering nerve damage, it may be that you have a claim for nerve damage compensation. Some of the most common issues related to a dental nerve damage claim include:

  • Surgical error resulting in nerve damage
  • Substandard tooth extractions
  • Poorly performed dental procedures

If you have cause to believe that the treatment that was afforded to you during the extraction was sub-standard, you should contact our dental negligence solicitors to discuss the details of your case. Many people across the UK who have suffered nerve damage are uncertain if the dental care they received was negligent.

Knowing that many of our clients are unfamiliar with the dental negligence claims process, we provide all potential clients with a free legal consultation where you can discuss the details of your possible claim and receive clear and straightforward advice from one of our dental negligence solicitors on your current legal options.

What evidence is needed in a compensation claim for dental nerve damage?

Hampson Hughes offers a team of clinical negligence experts with a track record in successful dental negligence claims, including claims related to nerve damage as a result of a tooth extraction. With this in mind, we are ideally placed to advise you on the most useful evidence for a claim, as well as gathering such evidence on behalf of our clients.

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Given that the burden of proof is on the Claimant to demonstrate a clear level of both injury suffered and negligent action by the dental professional, it is useful to present as much related evidence as possible. We ask our clients to gather as much documentation and other evidence as they have access to, but our legal team are able to assist in the gathering of evidence in any claim we represent, so do not worry if you are unsure of how to access evidence. To offer an initial summary as you consider a claim, three of the common evidence types are:

Dental Records: any time that you undergo the treatment of a dental professional, this should be documented in your dental records. Should you suffer any nerve damage after a tooth extraction, this should also be documented. With your consent, we can access your medical records to offer evidence of the damage and any negligence.

Independent Dental Expert: given the complex medical and legal implications of a dental nerve damage claim, it is useful to have an expert assessment from a qualified dental professional who can report as to the nature of the nerve damage suffered and dental negligence endured. We will arrange such an examination at a convenient time and location for our clients.

Relevant Dental Journals: in certain claim scenarios, we can access accredited medical and dental journals to highlight expected levels of care and where your tooth extraction may have fallen short of these.

Are there time limits on a dental nerve damage claim?

Any time an individual makes a compensation claim for dental nerve damage in the UK, they fall under the standards time limits for any medical or dental negligence claim. The current limit considerations are:

  • three years from the day of the negligent dental treatment
  • in certain cases, three years from the date you became aware of the dental negligence
  • if the negligence happened before the age of 18, three years from the patient’s 18th birthday (though a suitable adult can always bring a claim on a minor’s behalf before they reach 18)

How much does a dental negligence claim cost?

We appreciate that for anyone considering a dental nerve damage compensation claim, as with any other negligence claim, the prospect of legal costs is a concern. Thankfully, here at Hampson Hughes, we help all of our clients to find the most suitable funding option to protect their financial interests.

In many cases, we can offer our clients representation of their dental nerve damage claim on a No Win, No Fee Claim model, also referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The dental negligence team here at Hampson Hughes will be able to guide you through exploring the funding options that best fit you. In certain cases, our clients may have an active legal expenses insurance policy that covers them to make such a claim.

In a No Win No Fee model, you are offered the financial protection of knowing that in the vast majority of cases we can recover legal costs from the defendant, protecting the financial interests of our clients and you do not have to pay a penny if you lose. Our dental negligence solicitors have helped clients in Liverpool, Manchester, London and across England and Wales to find best funding arrangement to protect their financial interests.

How do I find an expert dental negligence solicitor?

To give your claim the best possible chance of success, it is helpful to find a dental negligence solicitor who is both highly qualified and experienced in handling such claims. A legal professional who can look at the specific details around your nerve damage after tooth extraction and guide you through the process of making a dental nerve damage claim.

Here at Hampson Hughes, our dental negligence team can offer a strong track record in such claims. We can guide our clients at every stage of the claim process, working towards securing you the maximum level of compensation possible for the pain and damage suffered, so if you are looking into a dental nerve damage claim in England or Wales, get in touch today.

You can contact our dental negligence team by phone on or email on to discuss our range of legal services in more detail, or for more information on this area of our legal care, you can visit our main Dental Negligence claims page.


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