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Head Injury Claims

If you have suffered a head injury, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Have you had a Head Injury?

For anyone in the UK who has suffered a head injury, whether through an act of medical negligence, an injury in the workplace, a road traffic accident, or any other setting, it may be possible that you can make a head injury compensation claim. The most important initial step is to choose a qualified head injury solicitor. Hampson Hughes Solicitors has a team of expert clinical negligence and personal injury solicitors who have many years of experience. Our reliable head injury lawyers provide excellent legal advice and representation to guide through your serious injury compensation claim and support individuals and families across England and Wales.

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How do I know if I have a Head Injury Claim?

There are many types of head injury cases, ranging from cuts and bruises through to serious issues such as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). If your head injury has been caused by the negligence of a medical professional, employer or any other negligent third party, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Compensation can be recovered for both the physical and psychological effects of a head injury.

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Recent reports from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND CLINICAL EXCELLENCE document that around 1.4 million people each year attend a hospital due to a head injury, with around 200,000 admitted to hospital for some level of treatment. While most patients receive medical care at the expected professional standards, in some cases a patient suffers medical negligence that worsens an existing head injury or even causes new injury.

Additionally, in workplaces across the UK, each employer should ensure that they have safety guidelines in place for employees to protect against risk of injury, including head injuries. Should a medical facility, medical professional or an employer fall below these expected standards, resulting in a head injury, you may have reason to pursue a compensation claim.

In order to pursue a head injury claim:

  • The injury must have occurred within the past 3 years (or there may be a special exception when the 3 years runs from the date when you first became aware of the negligence)
  • The head injury was caused by a third party (or contributed to by a TP, for example sometimes delay in treatment at a hospital can make things worse)

Common issues that give you a reason to pursue a head injury claim include:

  • A&E negligence
  • Delays in medical intervention (particularly with blood clots, give rise to stokes, which causes bleeding on the brain and the same effects as trauma).
  • Workplace injury
  • Road traffic accident

Note that this list is not exhaustive. Whether or not your issue is listed, the best step is to contact our head injury lawyers here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors. We offer a free initial consultation that will enable us to discuss your legal situation with you, evaluate the likelihood of a successful head injury claim and be able to advise you accordingly. Our qualified medical negligence solicitors will provide expert insight free of charge.

How can I make a Head Injury Claim?

Considering the diversity of types of head injury, with each coming with its individual circumstances, it would be advisable to instruct a head injury solicitor who will provide expert advice on the best course of action for your case. Hampson Hughes Solicitors has expert lawyers who are highly qualified and versed in this area. We can provide you with honest and insightful legal guidance thanks to our very knowledgeable head injury solicitors.

A reliable head injury lawyer will be able to build a compensation claim that demonstrates where the suffering you’re experiencing, both physical and psychological, is due to the negligence of a medical professional or a workplace employer. We have highly competent solicitors who will help you pursue compensation and secure the best possible outcome. Our solicitors will gather evidence to support your claim. Relevant sources of evidence that we can gather include medical records and medical expert testimony.

Testimonies of how the head injury has affected your life are also very useful for supporting a case. We may be able to show how an act of hospital negligence, for example, led to a head injury that caused loss of earnings, the need for ongoing medical treatment, loss of enjoyment due to the pain and suffering, as well as the burden the head injury has caused you and your family.

There are also times that we can make use of credible medical journals to be able to point out a sub-standard level of medical care compared to accepted recommendations. Here at Hampson Hughes, we can assist you to make a Head Injury Claim. Our solicitors will not only gather evidence to support your claim, but also guide you through and keep you informed on the process. Get in touch with us by phone or email to find out more on our services.

How much does a Head Injury Claim cost?

At Hampson Hughes, we allow a number of payment options to accommodate the clients who may come to us when pursuing head injury claims. Most claimants prefer the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) – commonly known as the No Win No Fee model – as their selected option for paying legal expenses. The model is favourable as it helps in protecting the financial interests of the client. You won’t be tied to legal fees after the case, any fee you do pay will only be taken from secured compensation.

We will be able to recover most of the legal costs from the defendant. Contact us and we’ll be able to discuss in more detail the specifics of your case and whether its circumstances allow us to pursue it on a Conditional Fee Agreement.

Clients who have a current insurance policy or a trade union membership that covers expenses for a legal case such as this are also allowed to utilise these methods. We can discuss this with you and check with your insurance provider if you’re covered for a head injury compensation claim. Our solicitors take care to advise you on the ideal payment option for you to consider as we consider the circumstances of your head injury claim case.

What is the time limit on Head Injury Claims?

Strict rules exist for the time limits for a head injury claim, as with other negligence claims. These include:

  • A head injury claim must be made within 3 years from the date of negligence or in exceptional circumstances the 3 years will run from the date they first became aware of any negligence.
  • If the Claimant is under 18, they have until they are 21 to bring a claim but a suitable adult can bring the claim on their behalf before they reach 18.

An injured party who is incapable of claiming, either because they’re too young or mentally incapable, may in some cases be represented by a trusted family member or guardian. We advise you to contact one of our reliable head injury solicitors as soon as possible to explore a claim for compensation. Should we take on your claim, we will immediately begin to explore your claim and gather evidence immediately in support of your claim.

How do I find an expert Head Injury Solicitor?

When it comes to having the best chance of compensation for your head injury compensation claim, finding expert legal support is a key step. Using the legal services of an expert head injury solicitor will ensure that you are properly represented and fully informed on your legal options at every stage of the claim. From the gathering of evidence to interviewing of expert medical witnesses, through to negotiating a possible settlement or representing the case in court, the right legal guidance is key.

Here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, we are ideally placed to help guide you through a possible head injury claim, having supported many clients in similar legal situations in Liverpool, Birmingham, London and around the country. For more information on the range of legal services provided by our clinical negligence team, you can get in touch with us by phone, email or online contact form today and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.


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