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Spinal Injury Claims

If you or a loved one have suffered a spinal injury, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Have you had a Spinal Injury?

For anyone who has suffered a spinal injury, it can be an extremely worrying as well as a painful time, dealing with the consequences of the injury as well as the concern over any possible long-term effects. Whatever way the injury occurs, it is a troubling event to go through, but when the injury is as a result of medical negligence, it can be even more difficult to deal with, knowing that the negligent actions of a medical professional have contributed to, or even caused, your spinal injury. If this is the case, it is advisable to look at pursuing a spinal injury compensation claim.

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Here at Hampson Hughes, our spinal injury solicitors offer a great deal of experience in spinal injury claims, having represented clients in Manchester, Liverpool, London and around England and Wales. Our clinical negligence team, is able to provide the legal support and guidance needed in order to bring a claim for medical negligence with regards to a spinal injury.

How do I know if I have a Spinal Injury Compensation Claim?

The best way to assess whether or not you have a medical negligence claim with regards to your spinal injury is to obtain the advice of a clinical negligence specialist who can advise you on the implications of your individual circumstances. The legal team at Hampson Hughes can provide expert support and guidance with regards to your claim via our free no-obligation consultation, whether by phone or in-person.

Our experienced spinal injury lawyers are ideally equipped and positioned to legally guide you on matters concerning spinal injury compensation claims. We have professionals who will gather all the available evidence that will ensure the best possible chance of a successful claim.

What evidence is required?

Yes, should we take on your claim, the spinal injury solicitor allocated to your case will be one who is experienced in advising you on the necessary evidence in support of your spinal injury compensation claim. Our spinal injury lawyers advise on a range of varying types of evidence that are key to a compensation award, including the following:

Medical Records: One main way of providing information for a patient’s spinal injury compensation claim is by assessing their medical records. These will offer detailed information about their medical history with regards to the incident they are intending to claim for. Useful medical records can include the attending medical expert’s notes, scan and x-ray results, surgical notes, treatment programs, as well as documents of discharge. If you are not in possession of any of the mentioned documents, do not worry because our dedicated team of Hampson Hughes will obtain those.  Please contact any of our spinal injury lawyers here at Hampson Hughes as soon as possible to discuss a potential claim further.

Expert Medical evidence: Independent medical professionals are ideal sources of evidence, since they can provide their qualified and expert opinion as to the negligence being claimed. Should you instruct our spinal injury solicitors to assist you in pursuing spinal injury compensation, we will seek to prove that the negligence of a medical professional led or contributed to the spinal cord injury you suffered. Our team here at Hampson Hughes will arrange a medical examination from professionals in the area of spinal injury compensation claims in order to support your claim.

Relevant Medical Guidance: Although not always applicable, information gathered through well-documented guidelines and research can also offer credible assessment that can be used as evidence. Our spinal injury lawyers can utilise recognised medical journals with information about expected standards of care. We can compare these details with the standard of medical care our clients received, to determine if the medical care offered was of an acceptable standard or not.

Our expert medical negligence solicitors will be able to identify any case of medical negligence that could lead to a spinal injury claim. By being able to link the medical negligence to the spinal cord injury suffered, there is a likelihood of winning a spinal cord injury compensation claim.

Witness evidence: We will of course seek to include your own and your loved one’s testimonies as to how a spinal injury has affected your life. They will sensitively discuss your current life circumstances with you, so that they can prepare your evidence in a thorough way in order to ensure as much information as possible is provided in support of your claim.

Receipts/invoices: Please ensure that you retain any receipts/invoices regarding any out of expenses that you have incurred as a result of your spinal injury including prescriptions, medications, equipments, loss of earnings etc so that we can seek to include with your claim.

How long do I have to make a Spinal Injury Compensation Claim?

A spinal injury claim, just like any other medical negligence claim, is subject to specific time limits in order to bring your claim.  There is a standard time limit of three years, which runs from the date of which the negligence occurred. There could be exceptions to the standard rule including:
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  • When the 3-year time limit runs from the first date the patient becomes aware that the spinal injury they are suffering could be connected to the medical negligence undergone
  • Claimants with mental health issues can have a different time limit applied. A family member can act on behalf of the loved one legally incapable of pursuing a spinal injury claim on their own.
  • For children, the 3-year limit begins when they reach the age of 18, carrying through to their 21st birthday however an adult can always bring a claim on their behalf before they reach 18.

Please contact our lawyers here at Hampson Hughes as soon as possible when you learn you’re if you feel that your spinal injury may relate to previous medical negligence. This will enable us to discuss the details of your case, carefully evaluate it and determine appropriate legal options to consider.

How much does a Spinal Injury Claim cost to make?

We are experienced in assisting many clients with their spinal injury medical negligence claims, and appreciate that concerns over legal costs are a significant factor for many individuals and families. It is important to know that here at Hampson Hughes, we have the expertise to assess your claim and current situation and advise you on the best option for your circumstances. In most cases, we recommend the No Win No Fee terms for spinal cord compensation claims.

This model is ideal for many claimants, who in many cases are experiencing difficulties in their life and cannot work or earn as before. Most of our clients find this to be the best option, since they don’t have to pay anything upfront. Also, if the spinal cord injury claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have legal expenses to cover. Our medical negligence solicitors will guide you through the most preferable options, after a careful legal assessment of your case.

There are some instances when our spinal injury lawyers may advise clients to use an active insurance policy and/or a trade union membership if they cover this type of legal expenses. Hampson Hughes always recommend the model that best protects your financial interests. We ensure that you are protected from financial risk, as our solicitors are able to recover legal expenses from the defendant.

How Much is a Spinal Injury Claim Worth?

It is hard to estimate the exact compensation suitable for each type of spinal injury because each case is so individual and turns on its own facts. Various factors will determine the spinal injury compensation you could receive, but it is important to appreciate that spinal injuries can come with a host of consequences. This is often a traumatic experience that impacts a person’s life significantly, including in many cases losing the ability to work.

We strive to get each of our clients the maximum compensation. Although no compensation could make up for the effects of spinal injury, we know that a significant spinal injury compensation award can help with ongoing care and family support. Our spinal injury solicitors, therefore, strive to get the best possible award for our clients, that will support during this difficult time. Compensation can provide financial support for tasks such as:

  • Quick and timely access to private healthcare to cater for services not available through the NHS, or to avoid NHS queues.
  • Physical rehabilitation treatments, such as physical therapy.
  • Career guidance and retraining because of new challenges.
  • Assessment of your home and any alterations needed to suit your new lifestyle.
  • Moving to a more appropriate home that is suitable for your lifestyle.
  • Professional psychological support to help you adapt to your new situation and help you deal with new challenges as well as any ongoing mental impacts of your physical circumstances.

Medical negligence compensation amounts are largely determined by the impact they bring to a victim. For patients suffering from the various consequences caused by a spinal cord injury, there can be significant spinal injury compensation claim awards. Serious impacts lead to high compensation, with paralysis, for instance, receiving a larger amount than most other medical negligence claims.

How Do I Choose the Right Solicitor for a Spinal Injury Claim?

If you are looking to choose a spinal injury expert to assist you in pursuing a spinal injury compensation claim, then it would be important to instruct one who is skilled and experienced. Our team of medical negligence experts here at Hampson Hughes possess vast experience and undisputed expertise in this field. Among the many legal options to consider across the country, we are recognised as one of the leading solicitors to offer reliable legal assistance. We have been of great help to many clients across the country, from Liverpool to Leeds, Birmingham to Bristol, as well as many in London.

Our team of helpful spinal injury solicitors are sensitive to your issues and understand the troubles experienced by patients or their family members seeking spinal cord injury compensation claims. We are well known as a committed team of legal specialists who are dedicated to helping you get the maximum compensation amount. Our proven track record makes us a trusted option.

For more information on the range of legal services we offer with regards to spinal injury compensation claims, you can contact our team today by phone or email or fill out our online web form via our Contact section. One of the expert spinal injury solicitors on our medical negligence team will be able to discuss our legal services in detail and offer helpful legal support with regards to a possible claim.

Remember, we can offer an initial free no-obligation consultation meeting that will allow us to explore the details of your case in a fuller way. From this information, we can provide you with guidance on your next legal steps. Our expert spinal injury lawyers will offer the best legal advice for you.

Our legal team at Hampson Hughes are always ready to offer the expert advice and support that you need, with a wealth of experience having helped clients across the country with their spinal cord injury compensation claims. Get in touch with us today and we will be able to offer you a range of detailed information on our available legal services.

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