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Errors with Implants or Veneers

If you’ve suffered from errors during your dental procedure, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implant or Veneer Compensation

Across the UK each year, an increasing number of people are undergoing dental implant or dental veneer procedures. Whether for health reasons or cosmetic reasons, they are a commonly performed procedure, and on most occasions the procedure is performed to a required standard.

There are sadly, however, occasions when there is a dental implant error or dental veneer error due to a dental professional’s negligence. You may have a case for a dental implant or dental veneer claim if:

  • you suffered a level of pain, injury and/or damage beyond the expected level for a dental implant or veneer
  • there was an error(s) that caused a dental implant or dental veneer failure as a result of a poorly performed procedure or omission
  • the injuries and losses can be attributed to the dental professional’s negligence

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For more information about Dental Negligence claims including dental implant and veneer compensation due to dental negligence, you can also speak in detail with our legal team at Hampson Hughes by phone or email. Our dental negligence solicitors are ideally placed to offer you friendly and helpful advice via a free initial consultation.

How do I know if I have a dental veneer claim?

Any time that you undergo a dental implant or dental veneer surgery, whether delivered by the NHS or by a private dental facility, there is an expectation that the treatment will be performed in a safe and competent manner. Of course, as with many dental procedures, there is an expected level of pain for a brief period after treatment. Often, however, in cases of negligent dental treatment, this pain is more severe and/or ongoing beyond the normal level, and there may be lasting damage.

Should you suffer the negligent action or inaction of a dental professional while receiving dental surgery, causing a dental implant error or dental veneer error, you may have a potential dental implant/veneer compensation claim. Issues that are common causes in dental negligence claims include:

  • Procedural error causing tooth damage
  • Substandard position or fit of the dental implant or veneer
  • Nerve injury
  • Implant failure

We have provided legal guidance and support to many people across the UK, supporting dental negligence claims including dental veneer errors for clients in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and across England and Wales. We can offer helpful advice to individuals who are unsure if the dental implant or veneer error they received would qualify as dental negligence. For more information, you can call or email us, or visit our main Dental Negligence page.

What evidence is needed to claim compensation for a dental veneer error?

In pursuing a successful dental negligence claim, there are a number of useful evidence types that are required. The legal team here at Hampson Hughes offer a wealth of experience in advising our clients on the evidence that can help their claim. We will take the lead and gather evidence on behalf of our clients including both factual and expert evidence.

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In claiming compensation for a dental implant or veneer negligence claim, the Claimant has a burden of proof to demonstrate that there has been a dental implant or dental veneer error which has caused injury and loss and that this was/is caused by the dental negligence. This is achieved by obtaining the best possible evidence in support of your claim including factual and expert evidence.  We will obtain such evidence needed in support of a dental implant claim on your behalf. Useful forms of evidence include:

Dental Records: whenever you receive dental treatment, it will be logged in your dental records. Should you suffer a dental implant error or dental veneer error, this should be documented. With the consent of our clients, we will obtain your medical records and review in detail in order to establish full details of the dental negligence.

Independent Dental Expert: a dental negligence claim can involve complex legal and medical details, so the expert assessment of an independent dental expert is essential. They can provide their expert opinion on treatment provided to you, most notably on whether any of the dental treatment was negligent. Here at Hampson Hughes, we arrange these assessments for our clients, at a time and location convenient to you.

Relevant Dental Journals: there are occasions when we make use of accredited dental journals to bring evidence of expected levels of dental care and where your dental veneer error or dental implant error fell short of these levels.

Is there a time limit on making a dental veneer claim?

In making a dental negligence claim in the UK, any individual is subject to set time limits, which at present are:

  • three years from the day any dental negligence occurred
  • in some cases, this may be extended to three years from the date when you first became aware of any negligence
  • if the dental negligence happened before the age of 18, then three years from a Claimant’s 18th birthday (although before they reach 18, a trusted adult will be permitted to bring a claim on the minor’s behalf)

How much does a dental implant error claim cost?

When it comes to making a legal claim, we understand that a concern for many individuals and families is the potential legal costs. Here at Hampson Hughes, our team of dental negligence solicitors can help each and every client we represent to select the funding option that is most beneficial to their circumstances.

Most of the dental negligence claim representation we provide to clients in the UK is offered on No Win, No Fee terms. This claim model, also called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), offers the financial protection that comes from knowing our solicitors can recover legal cost from a defendant in most cases they represent, meaning you don’t have anything to pay if the claim is unsuccessful.

When you speak to Hampson Hughes, we will be able to assist you in choosing the available funding model that best fits your claim for dental implant error or dental veneer error. We have a track record of helping many clients in Liverpool, Manchester, London and throughout England and Wales to find the ideal funding for their claims.

How do I select the right solicitor for a dental veneer compensation claim?

Given the complex nature of a dental negligence claim, it is helpful to have the guidance of an expert dental negligence solicitor. Not only will they put your mind at ease with their expert legal care, but they also give you the best chance of a successful dental veneer claim or dental implant claim. A good dental negligence solicitor will review your dental implant or dental veneer error claim and advise on whether you can claim compensation for dental negligence.

The impressive track record of our dental negligence team here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors has been built up through high-level legal expertise and a wealth of experience in securing dental negligence compensation. To find out more about our legal services, you can get in touch on , or email .

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