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Personal injury claims calculator

Find out how much compensation you could be entitled to

How were you injured?

Was your injury within the last 3 years?

Did you require medical advice?

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Please select your most severe injury

Please select the body part that you injured and the injury that is most applicable to what you suffered.

If you suffered multiple injuries, select the most severe injury that you suffered and also select that you suffered other injured below. You may get a slight uplift in your compensation amount

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Your Claim Could Be Worth

£1,950 to £8,910

£5,390 to £38,060

£910 to £31,900

£1,840 to £10,670

£12,820 to £35,970

£1,840 to £3,300

£3,300 to £7,320

£41,200 to £45,840

£45,840 to £55,000

£53,460 to £150,370

Around £224,680

£5,860 to £38,060

£26,180 to £38,060

£75,900 to £91,660

£91,660 to £117,700

£16,060 to £20,900

£20,900 to £27,500

£27,500 to £32,780

Around £32,780

£1,290 to £4,900

£4,900 to £15,950

£4,900 to £15,950

£3,300 to £6,850

£6,850 to £19,360

£2,050 to £6,600

£6,600 to £38,030

£38,030 to £124,030

£4,290 to £10,230

£2,050 to £6,600

£6,600 to £10,670

£10,670 to £16,060

£16,060 to £40,150

£5,500 to £16,060

£16,060 to £32,780

£32,780 to £50,050

£80,410 to £109,450

From £114,680

£6,220 to £50,050

From £770

£4,510 to £11,110

£12,110 to £24,260

£24,260 to £51,760

£2,050 to £10,450

£10,450 to £32,420

£32,420 to £134,590

£271,430 to £337,700

£183,150 to £237,600

£1,840 to £113,580

£1,840 to £113,580

£12,600 to £105,270

£4,290 to £55,000

£770 to £3,300

£3,300 to £7,980

£7,980 to £16,060

£32,120 to £43,890

£5,500 to £51,760

£3,300 to £10,530

£10,530 to £32,780

£32,780 to £109,450

£1,500 to £80,440

£15,020 to £113,580

£87,670 to £235,790

£1,500 to £85,300

£1,500 to £91,600

£1,500 to £17,600

Where do we get this figure from

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How does the personal injury claim calculator work?

Our injury compensation calculator works by using the Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases, Judicial College, 14th edition, 2017, to provide an estimate of the amount that a successful claim could be worth. This is the documentation that successful compensation claim amounts awarded are based on, with the individual circumstances of each case taken into account.

Whether you’re looking for a medical negligence claim calculator to see how much money you could be due after a medical professional has let you down, or an accident at work compensation calculator to estimate your claim amount, our handy tool can give you an idea of what a successful claim, similar to yours, might be worth. Our calculator is designed to give results on personal injuries caused by everything from road traffic accidents and slips, trips and falls, to holiday illnesses or injuries caused in a criminal incident. If the incident wasn’t your fault and you were injured as a result, you could be due some compensation.

The reason that the results shown by the injury claims calculator can have quite a wide range is because the amount awarded will depend on many factors, including the severity of the injury and its long-term effects on the victim. We can provide you with a free consultation that will help us estimate more accurately how much compensation you are likely to receive if your claim is successful.

How do I claim compensation for my personal injury?

If you think you might have a valid claim for personal injury compensation for an incident within the last three years, the next step is to contact us for a free claim assessment. If we believe that there is a claim to bring, we can help you at every stage of the process. Many of the claims we handle can be brought on a no win, no fee arrangement, so it won’t cost you a penny if your claim is not successful.

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