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Poorly Performed Root Canal Procedures

If you’ve suffered from a root canal procedure, we’re here to get you the compensation you deserve.
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A Guide to Poorly Performed Root Canal Surgery

For many people, a trip to the dentist or dental hospital is a stressful time. Although most of us receive reasonable and competent treatment, many patients tend to worry about dental treatment, particularly in relation to root canal therapy. As root canal treatment is fairly invasive, there is an increased risk of error.

If you suffer or have suffered due to poorly performed root canal surgery, you could be entitled to seek root canal compensation if:

  • you show that you suffer/suffered an undue level of pain and/or damage due to the root canal
  • the pain and/or damage caused was due to the dental negligence of a dental professional
  • subsequent loss of the tooth

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The team at Hampson Hughes has vast experience in dental negligence compensation claims, assisting many clients who have suffered dental negligence root canal procedures. Root canal claims can result in compensation that may make a difference to your recovery process, with our legal expertise helping individuals in Liverpool, Birmingham, London and around England and Wales to claim the compensation they deserve.

The Impacts of Poorly Performed Root Canal Surgery

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure where the dental pulp at the centre of a tooth has become infected and must be removed; the roots are then packed with artificial filling to provide stability. When the dental pulp becomes infected, it can be extremely painful. If left untreated, the only available treatment options are to remove the damaging bacteria through root canal surgery, or by extraction of the tooth itself.

A tooth can survive for many years if a root canal is performed to an acceptable standard, but as it is a tricky dental procedure to undertake, there are cases of root canal dental negligence, leading to complications for the patient. We have helped patients who have suffered poorly performed root canal and wish to make root canal claims. You could be entitled to claim on issues including:

  • A sodium hypochlorite spillage causing you injury (this is the bleaching agent commonly used to clean during root canals)
  • Failure to fill canals completely due to improper measurement prior to surgery
  • If the dentist failed to tell you about the tip of a file retained in or around the treated tooth
  • Failure to use a rubber dam at all stages of the procedure allowing bacteria to enter the treated tooth and cause infection
  • Perforation of the tooth due to overfilling of root canal, causing nerve damage and potential bone loss
  • Failure to take x-rays before and after root canal procedure

How Long Does it Take to make Root Canal Compensation Claims?

Each case of dental negligence root canal is different to the next, and we will always consider your case on its specific merits. However, we will endeavour to bring your claim to a conclusion within 12-18 months of you first contacting our team. However, the exact length of time will depend on the how complicated the dental issues are.

How Much Dental Negligence Compensation Can I Claim?

As with any form of dental negligence compensation, your award for a successful claim will depend on the severity of the injuries you have sustained. Usually the dental negligence award will be made up of an award for pain and suffering, tooth loss, and future treatment costs that are required to rectify the dental negligence root canal.

Root canal claims can also compensate you for past losses including any travel, dental treatment or past prescription costs that you have had to endure that would otherwise have been avoided. There are some general compensation levels mentioned in the table at the top of this page, but for more specific estimates on your case, you can speak to our dental negligence team via a free initial consultation.

How Much Do Root Canal Claims Cost?

When making a claim for root canal compensation you might be worried about the level of legal costs that you are liable for. If you have suffered due to poorly performed root canal surgery and have acquired injuries and long-lasting damage as a result, this should not put you off contacting our team of specialist dental negligence solicitors.

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Each case is of course different, but we always help our clients to select the funding model that best suits their current financial situation, which in the vast majority of cases is a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement). This agreement, widely known as a No Win, No Fee claim, means that should your claim for dental negligence root canal compensation fail, in the vast majority of cases we recover the cost from the defendant and you won’t be liable to pay the legal costs.

Are there any Time Limits on making Root Canal Compensation Claims?

As with any other type of dental negligence compensation claim, there is a time limit on when you have to start the process. The following limits apply to root canal claims:

  • You have 3 years from the date of the incident where the poorly performed root canal took place
  • in some cases, you have 3 years from the time when you first realised that the dental negligence took place
  • If the patient was under the age of 18 then the time limit of 3 years begins from their 18th birthday (but a suitable adult may bring a claim on their behalf at any time before then)
  • If a patient does not have the mental capacity to claim, a designated person can claim on their behalf

How Can I Find Specialist Dental Negligence Solicitors?

If you have suffered injury or illness as a result of poorly performed root canal surgery or other forms of dental negligence, you would benefit from the legal services of specialist solicitors. To make root canal compensation claims please contact Hampson Hughes today.

Our team offers a consistent professional approach to all of our clients, helping you to obtain maximum compensation from root canal claims. You can speak to our friendly and expert legal team by emailing or by calling and we’ll be happy to talk you through our claim process and the extensive range of legal services we offer.


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