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Email Policy

Email Security

We have an email filter which blocks potential viruses based upon the extension (file type) of the file e.g. files such as documents and images are ok whilst .exe or html files are executable and therefore pose a risk. As part of our email security we refuse to accept such files and endeavour that these are provided in an alternative threat free manner.

Spam E-Mail Policy

Any incoming E-Mail flagged as being Spam by the filter will be automatically moved from the user’s inbox to their junk folder upon receipt. These items will be available for 30 days for inspection before being cleared in an automated process. The user has the capability within outlook to set any E-Mails within the junk folder as ‘Not Junk’ preventing E-Mails from that address being caught in the filter in the future.

Mobile Devices Policy

Hampson Hughes reserves the right to wipe any mobile devices that hold company data or are linked to a company e-mail account. Circumstances which would warrant a device wipe are lost or stolen devices, exiting staff and any under request of a Director. Any users who wish to receive e-mails to their personal phones will also comply with the above policy.

Compliance will maintain a register of everyone who has email on their personal device.

E-Mail Destruction Policy

Archived E-Mails will be destroyed 6 years after receipt. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that any case related e-mails are stored on the correct case in the case management system.

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