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Firm in court after employee’s crush injuries

A lifting firm has been in court after a two tonne beam fell onto an employee causing severe injuries.

What happened?

Two employees of Pelloby Engineering Limited were working in the firm’s ‘finishing shop’, moving a seven metre long, two tonne beam across the shop floor.

The beam was connected to an overhead crane using a single, five tonne fabric round sling. During lifting the sling snapped dropping the load to the floor, and landing on one of the employees. His leg and lower torso were crushed and he was pinned to the floor.

The court heard that the workers had been steadying the load by hand and not using ‘tag lines’ to keep them out of the danger zone. In addition to this, the employee using the overhead crane hadn’t been formally trained to use it, and the sling was also found to be in a poor state of repair and lacked the required statutory examination report.

What was the outcome?

Pelloby Engineering Limited pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and was fined £12,000 with costs of £1057.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector, Lyn Mizen, said:

“This employee has suffered some horrendous injuries as a result
of an entirely preventable incident.

“The employee leading the lifting operation was not trained to use the
equipment or to recognise when it was unsafe to use.

“They were also not informed about the use of ‘tag lines’ which are
designed to keep workers out of dangerous areas.

“Pelloby Engineering Limited fell far below the standards expected
of a competent employer, standards which are well publicised
and accepted within the industry.”

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