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Campaign to license sunbed salons gains momentum in Liverpool

Public health officials and trading standards experts took part in a conference in Liverpool yesterday to show their support for tighter licensing regulations on sunbeds across Merseyside.

Sunbed use in Liverpool

Health professionals are concerned about say the popularity of sunbed use in Liverpool, and how many unregulated salons there are across the city.

The campaign to regulate these sunbed salons has been motivated figures that have shown that Liverpool-based skin cancer clinics are being placed under increased pressure.

The number of new malignant melanoma cases in females has risen by 129% since 2000 – over double the increase seen nationally.

Additionally, a report by Cancer Research UK has revealed that rates of malignant melanoma are five times higher in the UK now than in the 1970s.

What can be done?

Local authorities in Northern Ireland, Scotland already have the power to ensure that local salons educate users about the risks of sunbed use, whilst in England, only Nottinghamshire and London are able to ensure that sunbed providers to protect the health of their customers.

Liverpool City Council wants all councils to have this power.

Officials believe that licensing could help to save lives, as it will ensure that salons are adhering to recommended health and safety standards and therefore limiting the damage that sunbeds can cause.

Roy Gladden, assistant cabinet member for adult social care and health, said:

“This is an extremely worrying public health issue that
not only affects Liverpool but many other
areas across the country.

“This conference is an important part of our campaign as it
brings together our counterparts from local authorities
across England to support a co-ordinated response
from stakeholders in lobbying for change.”

For more information regarding malignant melanoma, visit NHS choices

Additionally, if you feel that you have suffered needlessly, or that you face advanced stage melanoma because of a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis, and you would like expert advice, contact the Hampson Hughes Solicitors Medical Negligence Team today on 0151 242 1025 or email

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