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Man Drives into Police Cordon after Being Stabbed in London

A man drove into a police cordon in East Dulwich, South London yesterday after being stabbed.

Stabbing victim

Police were investigating a car crash when the victim, a man in his 20s, drove through police tape desperate for help. The man was ‘covered in blood’ when he got out of his vehicle, after narrowly missing officers reopening the road, Lordship Lane.

One witness, 27 year old James Stott, said:

“I though the car was going to hit a police officer then it came to a really sudden stop and a man got out covered in blood.

“The next minute he was on the floor getting treated. It looked like he’d been stabbed in the stomach.”


A police spokesperson confirmed that detectives are working to investigate how the man sustained his serious injuries. They added:

“Enquiries continue to establish how and where the man came to sustain his injuries.

“It is not linked to the original collision that officers were dealing with.

“No arrests, enquiries continue.

“Officers from Southwark investigate.”

Scotland Yard said the victim was in a critical condition at a hospital in South London.

Criminal injury compensation claims – expert advice

Criminal injury compensation may be available if you have experienced physical trauma or psychological trauma as a result of a violent crime. Speaking to a member of our team about your criminal injury may be the first time that you have spoken to anybody about your experience – this is common among our clients. We guarantee complete confidentiality throughout your criminal injury claim.

We understand that if you have been subjected to an act of violence, your thoughts will turn to making a full recovery – compensation will likely be the last thing on your mind.

There is, however, a government scheme that provides compensation to those who have been victims of violent crime. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is governed by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

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Source: Evening Standard

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