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11 Children Bitten by Dog

Dog bites 11 children on park

11 children have been bitten by a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog in Blyth, Northumberland. The incident occurred on May 18th at around 18:30PM. Three of the children spent the night in hospital, and one child – a seven year old girl – is expected to require skin grafts.

The dog was restrained by Adam Mulvey, father of one of the girls attacked by the dog. Mr Mulvey was able to use a cardigan to tie the dog to a fence.

Mr Mulvey said:

“I got a knock on the door from a little girl telling us that there
were several children trapped in the park with the dog,
and one of them was my little girl.”

“I could see her from the house and everyone else
screaming, howling, it was just horrific.”

“I’m a dog lover and it killed me to sit on it and hold its face to the
ground. But it was a powerful dog – not a nice thing to happen.”

Fiona Richards, a local resident whose daughter was bitten on the thigh during the attack, commented:

“The dog was running around super fast biting every kid in there,
I saw it grab a little one by the shoulder. It was bedlam.”

Neil Wilkson, also a local resident, said:

“There were about 30 kids in there and the dog just arrived from nowhere.
“I got in and started lifting them up and out of the park. As I was
doing it the dog leapt up and bit my son on the arm.”

Police arrested a 37 year old woman on suspicion of owning a dangerously out of control dog. Two further people who were helping the police with their investigation have been released on bail.

Dog bite claim – expert advice

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