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Man awarded £7m damages for double radiotherapy dose at Manchester hospital

A 40-year old man who was left with a brain injury after receiving double his intended radiotherapy dose as a 19-year-old, has received a substantial compensation payout for his injuries 21 years later.

The incident, which occurred at Christie Hospital, was the result of ongoing error in his treatment for a brain tumour, with the man receiving his intended overall dosage, but over 10 treatment dates rather than the 20 treatments that should have been administered.


The overdose in the intended treatments has left the man with ongoing problems with vision, speech, memory and mobility, with Christie Hospital offering its “heartfelt apologies” for the “serious human error” as they responded in the High Court earlier this week.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wil be awarded in the region of £7m as a result of his clinical negligence claim, with a family statement after the hearing stating that “the money will secure his future” and that “we hope the NHS have learned lessons from this tragic event, so that nothing like this can happen again and ruin another young person’s life”.

The award is one of the largest clinical negligence compensation amounts to date in the UK, recognising the ongoing error and the level of impact on the young man’s life. It prompted a large-scale review of radiotherapy procedures, with a Christie Hospital spokesperson stating “since these events, the radiotherapy department has considerable strengthened its governance procedures and we now employ highly sophisticated checking systems to ensure this type of error never happens again.”


If you or a loved one has suffered any clinical negligence with regards to a cancer misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or any other medical issue, it is important to find a trusted clinical negligence lawyer who can help you to explore your claim.

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