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Investigation exposes NHS failings

A report from the Health Service Ombudsman has revealed concerns over catastrophic mistakes, patients being ‘unsafely discharged’ and a lack of care and compassion across hospitals in the UK

Report findings

The report investigated 126 NHS complaints, and left Dame Julie Mellor concerned that basic mistakes were leading to “devastating and shocking” harm to patients, and a lack of “care and compassion” across the board was causing some patients harm.

She expressed particular concern about the number of patients placed in danger because they were “unsafely discharged” from hospital.

The cases included the refusal to admit a pensioner suffering from gangrene, the death of a woman in her 80s left unattended by doctors for six hours afer suffering a fall to the floor, and a confused 84-year-old woman discharged to an empty home without medication, with a catheter still in place.

Dame Julie’s second report, looking at complaints made between April and June, is the most damning – with many cases involving elderly patients wrongly sent home from hospital, and complaints by worried family members who had found elderly patients left in pain, unfed and found in their own excrement.

Dame Julie said:

“These investigations illustrate the devastating impact that failings
in the NHS can have on the lives of individuals and their
families – they cover from the very young to the very
old, and they cover all types of health care,
hospitals, GPs, and dentistry.”

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