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NHS claims – sustained high levels

Official figures show that NHS claims continue to soar. In the year ending July 2015, NHS patients received over £1.1bn in clinical negligence compensation claims – this figure is expected to rise to £1.4bn over the coming year. The NHS Litigation Authority has set aside “in the region of £2.5bn per annum to cover the costs of avoidable harm”. If you believe that you have experienced improper care at any stage of your treatment, you could be entitled to maximum personal injury compensation.

NHS claims – number of claims by year

No. of new medical negligence claims
2010 / 2011
2011 / 2012
2012 / 2013
2013 / 2014
2014 / 2015

Why NHS claims have risen

The NHS states that one of the potential drivers behind the growth in clinical negligence claims is an increase in ‘positive reporting culture’ – i.e. there has not necessarily been a surge in instances of malpractice, rather there is increased public awareness of legal rights.

Headline media coverage of major NHS issues has arguably contributed to the greater response from patients who have suffered from poor treatment. For example, the Mid-Staffs scandal began in 2007/2008, and has featured in the headlines since, spanning three successive governments.

Recently the NHS has also been making the headlines regarding the dispute between the government and the British Medical Association (BMA) over planned changes to junior doctor contracts. Industrial action has been proposed, making likely the prospect of continued NHS news coverage.

Your NHS claim – speak to the experts

If you believe that your symptoms have been overlooked or mistreated due to negligence on behalf of a medical professional, contact us today. Hampson Hughes solicitors specialises in securing maximum personal injury compensation in cases of NHS claims. Remember, we offer you a FREE no-obligation consultation. Even if you have since recovered fully from your injury or illness, we may be able to help you to claim rightful compensation. Call 0800 888 6 888 or email

nhsla annual report (.pdf)

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