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NHS Dentistry: Root of the Decay

In excess of 100 family dentists have rallied to express negative sentiment at the “compromised and mismanaged” condition of the NHS dental service.

The Tooth Hurts

In the open letter, the dental practitioners state that tooth decay is the third most common cause of hospital admittance among children, and that gum disease is prevalent in nearly half of all adults.

One section reads:

“We are witnessing the manipulation of Government figures and statistics that hide the rotten truth, such as dumbing-down how decay is measured and reported, by avoiding modern methods like X-Rays. Just using ‘visible’ eyesight alone misses the hidden decay that’s rotting the population’s teeth.”

The letter was organised by West Yorkshire based dentist Dr Anthony Kilcoyne. He speaks of the “massive frustration” experienced by colleagues over the current target-driven culture:

“All of healthcare needs to work with patients. They are living, breathing, feeling, emotional people. They are not widgets, they are not products on a conveyor belt. Health professionals need time to care.”

In contrast to the damning claims, NHS England’s chief dental officer Barry Cockroft added:

“The improvement in oral health in this country over the last 30 years is something that the dental profession and the NHS should rightly be proud that is has played a part in.

“There is no credible evidence to support the suggestion that there is a ‘growing disaster’ in NHS dentistry.”

NHS Dental Service Claims – Expert Advice

If you think you, or someone you know, has been affected by dental negligence when using an NHS Dental Service, contact Hampson Hughes Solicitors team of medical negligence solicitors today. You could be entitled to maximum dental negligence compensation.

Our expert team offer a FREE no obligation consultation, simply call 0151 242 1025 or email today.

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