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Pregnant Woman Dies Following ‘Delay’ in Treatment

A pregnant woman died in hospital after experiencing what the family’s solicitor describes as “gross failings in the provision of basic care”.

What Happened?

Trudy Glenister, 38, was five weeks pregnant in April 2011 when she suffered abdominal pains and vomiting at her home in Essex. She told her family that she feared that she was losing the baby.

An ambulance trainee and a student colleague responded to the emergency call. They arrived at 7.29pm, April 11th, and began to make observations at 7:35pm. The Observations continued until 8:09pm, at which point Mrs Glenister was taken to Southend Hospital.

However, flashing lights and sirens were not used on the journey, as the crew feared that this could increase Mrs Glenister’s anxiety.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the ambulance crew queued behind other ambulances, seemingly unaware of the medical emergency on board.

Events at the Hospital

Following her 40 minute wait at home and her 15 minute ambulance journey, Mrs Glenister was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at Southend Hospital. She had suffered a cardiac arrest.

A post mortem examination was conducted by pathologist Dr Ian Caulder. The results showed that Mrs Glenister was carrying an ectopic pregnancy, and that the foetus in her fallopian tube had ruptured her ovarian artery – between 4 and 5 litres of blood had flooded her abdomen.

Roger Wicks, a solicitor representing Mrs Glenister’s family, has called on the coroner to record “medical negligence” as a factor in Mrs Glenister’s death.

Dr Caulder has described the situation faced by Mrs Glenister as an “acute medical surgical emergency”.

The hearing has been adjourned, and is set to continue next week.

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