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Operation Xeres – staff from ten Nottinghamshire care homes face allegations of historic abuse

Operation Xeres – Nottinghamshire Police is investigating claims of historic child abuse alleged to have taken place across ten Nottinghamshire care homes between 1940 and the 1990s.

Care homes under investigation:

  • Skegby Hall
  • Laybrook in Mansfield
  • Amberdale in Stapleford
  • Ashley House in Worksop
  • Cauldwell House in Southwell
  • South Collingham Hall
  • The Ridge in Mansfield
  • Repton Lodge in Worksop
  • Berry Hill Open Air School in Mansfield
  • Former Whatton Young Offenders Institution

Operation Xeres will run alongside an existing investigation named Operation Daybreak, which was launched in 2010. Whereas Operation Daybreak is focussed on isolated claims of historic child abuse in Nottinghamshire care homes, Operation Xeres aims to cast a much wider net.

Operation Xeres – police urge public to come forward

DCI Mike Luke is leading the dedicated team of 20 officers that has been assembled to carry out Operation Xeres. DCI Luke has urged anyone that has been affected by physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in relation to the investigation to come forward.

He said:

“It’s important for us to engage with the victims and manage
their expectations. Some will want convictions, some
might just want to be listened to. We will just
see where the investigation takes us.

“We just need five minutes, give us time to listen and
we will convince them they are doing the right
thing. Without them we can’t do anything.”

Abuse claims – expert support and guidance

If you have been affected by physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse, you may wish to know the answers to several important questions before making a decision on whether to pursue a claim.


“Will I remain anonymous?”


Yes – your identity is protected under UK law.
We guarantee confidentiality at all times.


“What if I didn’t fight back or report
the abuse at the time?”


A submissive response can reduce the risk of further physical violence – this will not go against you.


“What if don’t remember because I was supplied with drugs or alcohol?”


We can help even in cases of memory loss – either due to the effects of intoxicants or due to traumatic amnesia

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