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Hampson Hughes Solicitors, a law firm which specialises in holiday illness claims, has revealed the countries where British holidaymakers are falling ill.

The research, based on a sample of 567 holiday illness claims from the past year, highlights the countries where claimants became sick.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ Top Holiday Illness Hotspots

Based on a sample of 567 travel law claims received by Hampson Hughes Solicitors from December 2015 – December 2016

Spain is Holiday Illness Claims Hotspot According to Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Claims from tourists who have contracted holiday illness while in Spain* account for around a quarter of all holiday illness claims dealt with by Hampson Hughes Solicitors (24.9% in total). From 2015 to 2016, the Liverpool based law firm sought compensation for 141 people who had fallen ill due to poor food hygiene standards at their Spanish hotel. *Including Canary & Balearic Islands

Shiamli Mehta-Cronie, Head of Holiday Illness Claims at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, said:

“I am alarmed by the increasing reports of holidaymakers being exposed to poor hygiene conditions while being placed at hotels in Spain.

“The well-being of holidaymakers should be of paramount concern to holiday tour operators but unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case.

“Annual holidays are a British institution. We work all year, save up and look forward to a break away in the sun to put our feet up, relax and spend time with our loved ones. But tour operators and hotel providers are constantly cutting corners in regards to basic hygiene and sanitation standards. This is causing tourists to become ill.”

Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ Holiday Illness Top Tips

Following the release of its Holiday Illness Report Hampson Hughes Solicitors is providing holidaymakers with useful advice should they fall victim to holiday illness.

What to do if you fall victim to illness on holiday

Where possible, Hampson Hughes Solicitors advise gathering evidence whilst in resort to in support of your claim.

• Take photos or videos of poor hygiene and food standards and illness/injury
• Report any issues regarding hygiene and food standards to your holiday representative and hotel
• Report any issues regarding illness or injury to your holiday representative and hotel
• Ask for your complaint to be noted and request a copy of the complaint
• Keep details of who you have lodged your complaint with

Do not let the tour operator under-value your claim

If a tour operator believes you have a valid claim, they may attempt to offer you vouchers as compensation.

Illness and injury on holiday may result in significant and on-going medical problems. A holiday voucher will not provide sufficient compensation for the illness suffered and the negative effect an illness may have on your holiday experience.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors advises against accepting any form of compensation from the tour operator. This will prevent you from making a claim in the future.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors Recent Success Stories

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